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Viking Treasures Jewelry Reviews Client’s Viking Treasures?

Are you able to find a handmade jewelry shop on the internet? You should check out the following Viking Treasures Jewelry Reviews.

Are you aware of the real-world purpose behind Viking Treasures Jewelry store? Do you know? Then join this review to discover the real motives behind the site.

Everybody is eager to experiment with new products, be it clothes or accessories. Therefore, today we’ll present readers to a brand new online site that offers stainless steel jewelry like necklaces, rings, bracelets as well as beads. In addition, those in America United States are looking forward to exploring this online store because the website appears somewhat complicated.

Learn more information about the store’s online presence by reading the following Viking Treasures Jewelry Reviews.

What is Viking Treasures Jewelry?

Viking Treasures Jewelry is an online store that is focused specifically on the stainless-steel jewelry, such as rings, beads wedding necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. In addition, you will find handmade designs that make the items exclusive to the site. Additionally, the website’s entire collection is split into four distinct categories like jewelry, catalogs, rings and more. Additionally, anyone is able to purchase from the site since it sells the entire collection at just $1.

However, we have seen numerous red alerts on this specific portal. So, if you’re uncertain about the legitimacy of the website it is recommended to read the Are Viking Treasures Jewelry authentic? part of this blog article.

The features of the site

  • Customer support services number- Not mentioned
  • Transportation fee- Maximum 7-12 working days
  • Social media links- Not Mentioned
  • Newsletter- Specified
  • Products – Stainless Steel handcrafted jewelry
  • Address of company: Not established
  • Domain creation date-04/03/2022
  • Website URL-
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Return and exchange of products It takes 15 business days to exchange and return the product.
  • Refund policy – 5-10 business days
  • Shipping fees- No information available

It is suggested to customers who are interested to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the website before giving their bank information to avoid being fraud. So, keep an eye on this series of Viking Treasures Jewelry Reviews with us.

Positive pointers to shop at Viking Treasures Jewelry

  • The URL for the website has been HTTPS certified.
  • Worldwide customers, including the United States, are able to purchase all products for $1.
  • Shoppers are able to post their questions and complaints via the website’s email address.

Negative pointers to buying at Viking Treasures Jewelry

  • No genuine reviews are available on their official website.
  • There are no social media platform link is present.
  • Customers do not have to purchase more than five items.
  • The exterior and interiors of the site are both derived.

Is Viking Treasures Jewelry Legit ?

A recent investigation has revealed that it was found it is evident that Viking Treasures Jewelry store is suspect for a variety of reasons. Thus, consumers are advised to conduct a thorough investigation before coming to any conclusions these days. Numerous scam websites are advertised online with the intention of steal money from the customer.

The section contains all the facts that are legitimate regarding the site, which proves its legitimacy.

  • Domain creation date – The website’s domain was launched in the month of April, 2022.
  • Customer reviews- No customer’s feedback is posted on the official website However, we have found reviews that are negative Viking Treasures Jewelry Reviews via the internet.
  • Social media connectionsThe site has not been popular through social media platforms.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain expires within one year, on March 3, 2023.
  • Address Validity: The physical address of the company is not verified. are available.
  • Quality of ContentThe quality of the content on the site is not great.
  • Alexa rank – The site’s Alexa rank is 4266438.
  • The trust index score – The site has achieved a one percent trust score.
  • Trust index rank – According to the software that is intelligent this site has earned an average trust score of 63.3 percentage.
  • Policies: This was mentioned, but some policies were not included.

Client’s Viking Treasures Jewelry Reviews

Based on the latest investigation, it has been discovered that the official site is not able to provide any details regarding the comments of the customer. But, well-known online review sites like Reddit are receiving negative comments from customers who claim that the website is a scam. Please read the steps to

The final verdict

The experts have analyzed the site thoroughly and have found that the website is legitimate since it has been newly created and has received unsatisfactory feedback from shoppers.

So, customers are advised to stay away from this store until you get some good Viking Treasures Jewelry Reviews. Find out more here. 

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