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Vital Chakra Shop Reviews Specifications for The Website

We recommend that you read the Vital Chakra Shop Reviews if you are looking to purchase crystal jewellery from this shop.

You have ever purchased jewellery online? To buy jewellery, people usually go to a well-known store. Online shops have many collections and people are attracted to them more than ever.

Today we’ll be talking about a website that sells jewellery. It is called Vital Chakra Shop. This topic has been a big one in America, so check out our Vital Chakra Shop Review.

A Brief Introduction to Vital Chakra Shop

This site sells jewellery and was established on 2022.03.09. They specialize in crystal jewellery. They offer a variety of necklaces, rings and earrings as well as bracelets, bracelets, and pyramids. All of their products are currently discounted. With their 70% discount on 3 or more products, they are trying to attract customers.

You can also get free shipping on orders over 40$. The website also provides information about its owner. Next, we’ll look at the specifications of this website. This can tell us a lot about Is Vital Shop Legal.

Specifications for The Website

  • Website Creation Date-Website first created in 2022/03/09, which makes it very young.
  • Products Offered-Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets etc.
  • Payment Method- These payment options are Amex and Apple Pay, Discover, Google Pay. MasterCard, PayPal, Shop Pay. Visa.
  • Domain Link- follow the link to visit the website.
  • Email Id-connect via [email protected]/
  • Company Address- Sorry, but we couldn’t find the company address.
  • Company number- They have not provided a company number.
  • Subscribe to their Newsletter
  • Return Policy –Products should not be returned after 30 days.
  • Exchange Policy –Products may be exchanged within 30 Days.
  • Shipping Timing – Check via The Vital Chakra Shop Review to see if their products arrive in 5-10 days.
  • Refund Policy – A refund policy is not possible.

Next, we’ll discuss the pros and con to gain a deeper understanding of this site.

Vital Chakra Shop

  • You can also find discounts on the website.
  • Their site also hosts a newsletter
  • Both have the same Url names and Portal names.
  • Website has mentioned its owner.
  • The SSL integration and HTTPS protocol protect the website.

Vital Chakra Shop

  • Website does not have social media accounts
  • They did not provide accurate contact information.
  • There are not any genuine reviews.
  • Website is in its prime.

Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit? Or Scam

To clear our doubts regarding the legitimacy of this website, let’s look at the legitimacy factors.

  • Website Foundation Date – This website was created recently on 2022/03/09 and cannot be trusted.
  • Portal Expiry date- The website will expire on 2023/03/09.
  • Trust Score for the website – The score is only 1% and is considered a low score.
  • Trust Ranking –Ranking is not available for this website.
  • Social Media Presence – The website does not have any active social media accounts.
  • Customer Feedback- There is no customer feedback.
  • Policies – A few policies are missing.
  • Content Quality- See Vital Chakra Shop Review to see if the About us content has been copied 93%.
  • Contact Information-Website’s address and number are not correct.
  • Owner Information –Website has listed its owner.
  • Unrealistic Discounts & Deals-Discounts can be found on the website.

Customer Reviews

According to online sources, no customer review has been published. This website has not received any comments from customers. Trustpilot and other sites do not have reviews. There are however, one or two reviews. However, customer reviews are crucial when evaluating a website. This website does not have any. can be reached via Vital Chakra Shop Review to request a refund through PayPal .

Final Conclusion

Vital Chakra Shop is an online jewellery shop that was created recently. Although it has listed its founder, the website does not have social media accounts, customer reviews, or complete contact information. The trust score is also low.

We can conclude that this website appears to be suspicious. You can also keep checking back for updates. You can also wait for future updates.

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