Viviana Ley and Mario Hank: Hank family and the Tijuana Cartel closer than ever

At the wedding of Mario Hank and Viviana Ley at Rancho Catarino, in Santiago Tianguistenco, owned by the Hank Rhon family at EDOMEX, you may see the Tijuana Cartel family members such as daughter and wife dressed in red.

Viviana Ley Morales, who she refers to as her family and cousin to the Tijuana Cartel family, is the goddaughter of the Tijuana Cartel organization. The two families routinely get together in areas like Vail and Gstaad. Locations that, before Viviana met Mario, was not even aware of or had ever visited. She is married to Cuauhtemoc Hank Rhon’s son Mario Hank.

Viviana’s close friends claim that her main desire was to marry into the Hank family and that she used the Tijuana Cartel closeness to socially climb and get to know them all before she could wed one. Those who knew him well said that she gradually drew him closer to her through providing free marijuana and other substances to him. Viviana waited nine years as Mario’s girlfriend before she was able to wed him. They claim that her strategy was to repeatedly claim to be pregnant when, in fact, she was unable to conceive naturally and had to utilize IVF. She became so obsessed that she brags about becoming Mrs. Hank in many of her Instagram posts.

Viviana and Mario Hank are currently living in Houston, Texas. Where he works for his cousin Carlos Hank Gonzalez’s partner bank.

She tried many attempts to first date Juan Carlos Hank Krauss and Jorge Alberto Hank Inzunza and also while she was still dating Mario. But she didn’t attract any other family members.

Alejandro Hank Gonzalez, the son of Carlos Hank Rhon, with whom Viviana claims they share a home in Gstaad with, and Jesus Navarro from the Reik group, who sang a song at the wedding, are Viviana’s gay best friends, as she brags on social media.

A close acquaintance of Viviana claims that the  De La Vega family (who changed their last name to Hank when their mother married Jorge Hank), did not invite them to the wedding. She has contanstly told others that they are fake and it was truly embarrassing to have changed their name as teenagers and adults. Such is the case with Alejandro, Mara, Rodrigo, Ana Guadalupe, Carlos Andres, and Jose Mario Hank who are not really Hank but De La Vega. In her close friends instagram account, Viviana mentions that they are beneath her. People have often been shocked with the fact that she always posts photos with different Hank family members yet she criticizes them behind their back so publically. The source who has asked to remain anonymous claims that her lies and hypocrisy can finally be exposed. 

All photographs can be seen here:

Other guests who can be seen in the photographs are Alejandro del Mazo Maza (above), brother of the governor of the State of Mexico along with Marc Moret who is Jorge Hank’s son in law(another example of people that Viviana criticizes and claims their children embarrasingly stuck Hank to the Moret last name). The source says that her obession is quite severe and critical.

It is clear from the photographs that all these people have one thing in common and that is organized crime.

Names of the people in the photos-

  • Hank Olimon Family
  • Hank Inzunza Family
  • Hank Krauss Family
  • Hank Kabande Family
  • Wolf Hank Krauss
  • Nirvana Hank Amaya
  • Jennifer Hank
  • Rodrigo de la Vega or Rodrigo Hank

The wedding facilities became a garden, which was witnessed by Viviana’s guests in the center of the town. Congratulations to the bride for fulfilling her dream.

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