Wanna Know All About The Neelam Gemstones: Price, Colour, And Benefits

The Strongest gemstone and the fastest working gemstone was the Blue Sapphire, or in Indian culture, it is also known as a Neelam. The Neelam is also part of the Corundum mineral family with the Red Ruby. The Blue Sapphire Gemstone is Rich in color and always in trend due to its color. The Neelam is a highly precious gemstone and it is also acknowledged for its excellent hardness. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Neelam Gemstone? 

The Neelam Gemstone has benefits in the 4 major parts

  • Health
  • Career
  • Wealth
  • Willpower

Health:- Neelam is the most powerful Gemstone where it shows its power very fast, as the wearer feels a magnificent change in his mental and physical health. The Neelam stone helps you to recover from your stress and depression, The Neelam or blue sapphire is represented by the planet Saturn/Shani, this was one of the major reasons that Neelam is so powerful and effective

career:- Of all the Nine Gemstones, Neelam is the most important Gemstone for career success. It takes your career on a worthwhile path, The Neelam gives you fantastic relief in your career.

Wealth:- The Neelam gives you Instant Fame, success, and wealth. The saying is that when somebody wears the Neelam, the planet Saturn/ Shani is so happy and it gives wearers a massive amount of fame, and Wealthness, and increases their financial growth. If you make your planet happy as per astrologers have faith that the planet gives you more than you expect,

Willpower:- Wearing the Neelam makes you strong from inside and outside as well, your willpower of yours is also strong, Your decision-making ability is enhanced, and your ability of thinking is so clear after you wear the Neelam.

Astrological Benefits of Neelam Gemstone

1)  Protection from Evil Eye (Buri Najar)

Nillam is the most powerful Gemstone to protect you from an Evil eye, The Neelam acts as a guard Against evil spirits, Black Magic, and bad surroundings. The humans have very strong faith in the Evil eyes and Buri Nazar.

2)  Prosperity with Neelam

Neelam helps to overcome bad thoughts and gives you calmness. And helps you to achieve success in your career and make your path easy and clear.

3)  Supernatural in Sade Sati Period

Sade Sati is a period of supernatural influence in life and this period was very difficult for those who live or have gone through it was total breaks your mental health as well as your physical health, so Neelam helps in this phase to give you boost energy and increase the level of the Metabolism who wears the Neelam.

What Is The Colour Of Neelam Gemstone?

The Neelam is also known as the Blue Gemstone, when we think about the blue color the first thing that comes to our mind is the Neelam or Blue Sapphire gemstone. The Legacy of the Neelam is from ancient times as the Kings and Queens always wore Neelam as it was considered a symbol of power, loyalty, love, and wisdom.

In the Ancient time, the Neelam is very important to the royal family as they believed in the power of the Neelam Stone as they have faith that the Neelam helps to protect them from evil Eyes and protect them from those who try to harm them, This belief in the royal family start from medieval kings, These Western Roman Empires have faith in the Neelam power.

What Are Price of Neelam Gemstones and What Was The Deciding Factor Of Pricing

Neelam is one of the most beautiful Gemstone and due to its beauty and the astrologer benefits it has high demand, as the grade of the gemstone is depend on the cut of the gem, its clarity of the gemstone, And its color, The Neelam was rich blue.

Moreover, The major factor of Neelam is its clarity, The Neelam gemstone has no natural inclusions and is a rarity, Therefore Neelam Gemstone has high demand in the market and has an extremely high price.

The natural and unfinished Ceylon Blue Sapphire Stone is sold in the regular Range of $100 to $400 per carat, while the royal blue  Unfinished Kashmir Neelam Stone can surpass the range of $ 1500 per carat price, The Neelam gemstone price always depends on the quality, and the color of the Neelam gemstone.

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