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Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker Guy Lafleur Lung Cancer and Health Update in 2022

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The guide provides information to inform readers whether Guy Lafleur was a smoker and the way he passed away.

Are you aware Montreal Canadians Icon Guy Lafleur, who died at age 70? Many fans believed that his smoking habits resulted in lung cancer. Lafleur died of cancer. He was a chain-smoker and had health issueslike lung cancer.

He passed away on the 22nd of April 2022, at the age of 70. It isn’t known what caused his death. Many of his followers across both the United States and Canada are now eager to know why his death.

Because he was a tobacco smoker, many of his fans believe that he died from lung cancer. Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker?

Did Guy Lafleur Die Because of Smoking?

Guy Lafleur was a professional Ice Hockey player and the first player to score 50 goals over six consecutive seasons of NHL history. The world is awed by this feat of scoring fifty goals and 100 points over six consecutive seasons.

On the 22nd of April, 2022 The NHL icon died at the age of 70. His followers believed that his habit of smoking cigarettes caused his death. He had lung cancer earlier and underwent multiple surgeries. He suffered from health problems and, finally, his last breath was on the 22nd April 2022.

His co-worker Mike Bossy also passed away this week, on the 15th of April which is why many people have asked If Mike Bossy a Smoker.

Guy Lafleur Lung Cancer and Health Update in 2022

Guy Lafleur has been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer since September 2019, following an infected white spot was found in his lung. In October 2020, he had two surgeries to eliminate the upper lobe as well as lymph nodes. But, cancerous cells resurfaced, prompting Guy to restart the cancer treatment.

He was a smoker who was heavy and the main cause of lung cancer was due to smoking. Many fans believed that the athlete’s death was because the habit of smoking.

Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker – How Did He Die?

The famous NHL athlete Guy Lafleur died at 70. In his later years, Lafleur suffered from ailments related to his health, as per sources. He underwent bypass surgery for his heart at the end of September in 2019 and had two lung surgeries in October of 2020. He was later diagnosed with lung cancer.

The president of the Canadians, Geoff Molson, confirmed in his declaration that the cause of his death may be related to cancer. However, it’s not verified by other sources, which means it’s not known the reason for his death.

A few days ago, a player passed away due to smoking and his followers were asking If Mike Bossy was smoking cigarettes?. After reading the news about the death from Mike Bossy, all his fans wondered whether Guy Lafleur died because of lung cancer that was caused by smoking cigarettes.


Following the diagnosis of lung cancer Guy stopped smoking cigarettes in September 2020. He was still struggling with problems with his health in his latter years. Many of his admirers believed that he passed away due to his habit of smoking cigarettes in chains.

Smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer and many believe that he passed away due to his smoking. In a statement, the NHL Canadiens President, Geoff Molson stated in his statement due to lung cancer Guy Lafleur passed away.

What are your thoughts? Was Guy Lafleur a Smoker? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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