Washable PVC Panels: The Premium Wall Covering Solution for Your Dairy Parlors

Dairy farmers are associated with wall-panel-related problems inside their dairy parlor because they had to fix them multiple times. The constant hassle of looking after the walls and the never-ending struggle to keep them waterproof makes them want a better wall covering material. Unfortunately, FRP panels aren’t impervious to the rising moisture and humidity levels inside the dairy parlor, which makes them lose their structural integrity over time. They also give into discoloration and quick delamination if exposed to water vapor or condensation for a long. However, highly-customizable dairy vinyl panels are a fail-proof method of keeping your commercial interior safe and hygienic.

Choose Vinyl Wallboards and Forget About Frequent Replacement

Over the years, dairy farmers have relied upon FRP dairy board panels, especially because of their low cost. But despite being available at a lower price than PVC wall panels, FRP panels last only a short time. Compared to US-based vinyl wall covering, which lasts 100 years without callbacks, FRP paneling lasts only about 45-50 years. Furthermore, the vinyl sheets are prone to bending, warping, cracking, splitting, and fracture upon prolonged exposure to moisture. On the other hand, the waterproof panels stand the test of time and don’t get damaged at all.

Replace Hard-to-Install FRP Immediately to Save Time

Time is precious for every entrepreneur, especially those in the dairy farming business. It involves caring for the livestock and keeping them healthy to ensure seamless milk and egg production. Installing FRP instead of dairy wall panels requires dealing with business downtime, which is time-consuming. Farmers are also required to look for more than one professional mechanic who knows FRP panel installation and is confident about dealing with backers and adhesives that come with it. On the other hand, PVC dairy wall panels’ installation feels like a breeze primarily because of the interlocking tongue and groove mechanism. Any novice can install them without having any prior knowledge or experience. However, The maximum time a professional installer takes is 7-8 hours.

Low-Maintenance Dairy Vinyl Panels are Easy to Manage

The lightweight nature of the ASTM-certified dairy vinyl panels makes them easy to handle. They further reduce your transportation costs and the hassles of moving them from one place to another. The minimum maintenance required to keep them clean and presentable is what sets them apart from other wall-covering materials. Unlike FRP’s rough surfaces, which attract dirt and allow moisture to seep through, breeding bacterial and mold growth, the seamless bright PVC panels have a non-porous surface. Since they are impermeable, they don’t let moisture infiltrate and harbor mold and mildew formation in the future.

Go Ahead with Light-Reflective Panels To Reduce Utility Bills

If your dairy parlor’s lighting requirement is high, consider adding dairy board panels to the walls. Keeping the space well-lit is mandatory for the overall well-being of dairy animals. Insufficient lighting might lead to face stress and anxiety. Besides, it can even contribute to a fall in milk and egg production quality. Switch to light-reflective panels to prevent all of this and help your business reign in the current market. They can distribute the available light equally across the parlor, keeping it well-lit and bright. Apart from doing your bit to render a professional look to the parlor, you also experience the joy of paying lesser charges for your electricity consumption.

Impact and Abuse-Resistant Panels Are Perfect for Dairy Farms

Since animals move around inside the dairy parlor, you need to install a wall covering that doesn’t get damaged easily. FRP’s resistant power isn’t great regarding impacts and abuses, but PVC panels are both impact and abuse resistant, making them a better option. Once you buy PVC panels online, you need not worry about repairing them anytime soon. They can protect your walls from damage, even if they are accidentally hit or impacted.

Maintain Odor-Free Dairy Parlors with Vinyl Panels

The waterproof vinyl panel controls excess humidity and condensation inside the dairy parlor, successfully eliminating unwanted odor. The odor-resistant panels are designed using truss technology and are more durable than FRP. Keeping odor at bay is important to keep your dairy parlor hygienic and completely sanitized.

Wash your Dairy Parlor Frequently Without Fearing About Moisture Seepage

The FDA-compliant panels don’t need heavy maintenance, but you should wash the dairy parlor frequently to meet the required cleanliness standards. Besides, proper hygiene is also associated with the overall health and well-being of the dairy animals. Most FRP panel users cannot wash their facilities frequently, fearing moisture will seep through the walls and cause damage. However, the ASTM-certified washable wall panels don’t have any cracks on their surface, making them suitable for wall covering. They can withstand regular washing without showing symptoms of damage.

Buy PVC Panels Online and Enjoy a $25,000 Money Back Guarantee on Repairs


The eco-friendly water-resistant paneling doesn’t need replacements and repairs after installation. Instead, you get a money-back guarantee worth $25,000 on the same. They are a one-time investment that saves you 40% on labor and 50% on material costs. Order them online and experience damage-free dairy parlor interiors for a long time. Call 323-991-7507 for further queries on PVC panels, or visit the website to request a free sample.

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