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Waxing Vs. Shaving Vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which is the Best Method?

Hair removal is a common practice that many people find necessary. But what method should you use? Waxing, laser hair removal, or shaving? Which one is the most effective and safe? Let’s find out!


Waxing is a hair removal treatment that removes the hair from the root. It can be used on any part of the body and is usually done in a spa, but it can also be done at home with wax strips or a hot wax kit. The wax is applied to the skin and then removed quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Waxing is one of the most common ways to remove unwanted body hair, as it’s fast and effective.


  • Waxing is a quick, affordable beauty routine
  • It is a great way to remove hair from certain sensitive areas
  • It’s less messy than shaving or using hair removal creams 
  • Waxing lasts longer than shaving, typically at least two weeks for most people


  • Waxing can be painful
  • It can cause ingrown hairs
  • It can lead to an increased sensitivity in the skin
  • There are many risks associated with waxing, such as burns and infection
  • It is not permanent


Shaving hair removal is a temporary solution to getting rid of unwanted hair. It is a good way to shave off the hair on the face, underarms, and legs. The best time to shave is when the skin is dry and free from lotions or oils. The person shaving should use a sharp razor and shaving cream or soap.  Shaving may cause ingrown hair, razor burn, and cuts if not done correctly.


  • Save time
  • Cut down on money
  • Reduce effort
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • More hygienic


  • It can be painful
  • It doesn’t last long
  • You have to shave often
  • May cause ingrown hair 
  • The hair grows back thicker

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a process that involves directing a laser light beam to the hair follicle, which damages the hair’s root. The follicle then produces thinner hair that grow back finer and slower. It usually takes several sessions to fully remove the hair from an area. It is one of the safest hair removal treatment to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. 


  • You Can Do It At Home
  • It Doesn’t Hurt When It’s Done
  • It Lasts a Long Time
  • The Results Are Permanent
  • No ingrown hair
  • Painless treatment when comparing with waxing
  • No down time


  • It’s expensive
  • It can be more painful for dark skinned people
  • You will need multiple sessions to get rid of hair permanently

How much does each method cost?

Waxing is the most cost-effective and safest way to remove hair from the face and bikini line. However, it is not for everyone because it can leave a red, irritated skin. Laser hair removal is the most expensive method, but it is also the most effective. Shaving is the least expensive method, but it is also the least effective.

How long does each method last?

Waxing is the fastest method of hair removal. It can be done in the comfort of your home, and it will last for about four weeks. Laser hair removal is the next best method, lasting around 2 months (but after multiple sessions the results can last up to 12 month or more). If you’re considering shaving as a hair removal method, it will last for about two weeks. 

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