Ways technology is helping the healthcare system

Despite being so pervasive, technology is often viewed in a bad light. People think it is making us lazy, whereas a different set thinks that it is in fact a tool that allows for overworking employees. Some say it is a good source of information, others put examples of the dangerous impact of misinformation, vascular access devices.

This polarization of opinion is right in its own form, but one has to admit, technology has significantly enabled the healthcare system.

Whether it be optimization of processes so you can visit your Internal Medicine Specialist in islamabad at just one click, or better machines that enable faster and more accurate diagnosis, technology has paved the way forward for the healthcare system.

Some ways that technology has helped the healthcare system include:

Ease in sharing reports

You now don’t have to make multiple visits to the lab to get your reports. Once you have had the test done, most labs support online release of the reports. You can download the findings and share with your doctor in just one click.

So, it saves you an extra visit to the doctor as well.


It is easier for people to get information with regards to pertinent matters about their health due to internet. They can look up not only their symptoms but can get updates about how to stay healthy as well. 

However, admittedly the wealth of information can have its downside as well. It may make people hypochondriac. Similarly, in case people visit unauthentic websites, they might be misled with wrong information. One way to counter this is by ensuring that only credible sites are looked up, and you trust only your doctor with a diagnosis.

Keeping track of medical information easier

Let’s be honest, we all have missed our prescriptions or test reports one time or another; naturally, it is harder to keep track of the hard copies of all your health files.

However, with online reporting and soft copies of the prescriptions, it is easier to ensure that all the relevant documents are with you all the time. You can pull up the reports anytime that you want without having to worry about losing them.

Easier to keep track of your health

Due to advances in wearable technology, it is easier for people to keep track of their health statistics. For example, oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, pulse rate etc. can easier be ascertained, recorded, and monitored due to technology. It also makes it easier for the patient to present this pertinent record to the doctor as well.

Similarly, there are many health applications that help people stay on top of their health. Women can keep track of their menstrual cycle. Those trying to take adequate nutrition can use health applications to keep track of the calories taken. Similarly, water intake can also be monitored with the aid of health applications.

Finding doctors is easier

Technology has also enabled the process of finding the right doctor. Most doctors now carry their profiles online. These not only contain their areas of expertise, but also mention their experience as well. Many patients leave the reviews for the doctors, so it is easier for the others to find doctors whom they can trust.

Remote checkups

Not all health-related matters require physical examination, especially those that pertain to follow-ups or mental health. Since in-person checkup can be inconvenient for the patient and the doctor, hence the ease is mutual. 

Newer techniques

Due to technological advances, different medical processes are becoming possible. Not only this, but they are also becoming less invasive and more economical.

Easier to book appointments

Rather than spending hours in the waiting room, or constantly calling the receptionist for booking an appointment, and missing them always, you can simply book an appointment online. You can simply click to book your slot with your Internal Medicine Specialist in Rawalpindi or any other specialist.

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