Ways to block Spotify Ads with Spotify ad blocker

Spotify is an amazing platform for all music lovers, but while listening to our favorite songs there are some interrupted ads that can be a real mood spoiler. But thankfully there are some ways to block those annoying ads using Spotify ad blocker. In this article, we will help you to choose your extension to block spotify ads so that you can enjoy music without any hassle.

What are Adblockers?

They are like digital shields that help you to get rid of all the annoying ads that ruin your online experience. Basically, they are the browser extensions that prevent ads from showing up while you browse any websites. But when it comes to Spotify, these adblockers can help you avoid those unwanted ads that pop up between your favorite playlists.

So, here are some steps which you can follow to block spotify ads with these spotify adblock:-

Select an adblocker

If you don’t know how to block ads on spotify, then don’t worry as there are many options available to block ads on spotify. Spotify ad blocker, uBlock Origin, and Total adblock are the most popular adblockers that work in every browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Install and download the adblocker

Now, if you have chosen your adblocker, visit their official website and click on the install button or you can add it to Chrome. There will be many instructions you should follow before completing the process of installation.

Activate your adblocker

After installing and downloading the adblocker, the extension will be automatically activated in your browser. There will be a small icon in your browser toolbar which means that it is working. In case you want to adjust or add something, then go to settings and check if it is working properly. You can also right-click on the icon and access its numerous options with its features.

Go to the spotify app

After following all the instructions now you can open your spotify app and start listening to your favorite songs that you have wanted to listen to for a very long time. So, say spotify no ads with spotify adblocker.

Enjoy Unlimited playlist

At last, you can block all the annoying ads that interrupt you while listening to your favorite music. Say goodbye to Spotify free ads and enjoy your unlimited playlist.

Remember while using these adblockers, there are some advantages and disadvantages.

So, let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of these extensions


  • They do an excellent job removing all the unwanted ads
  • It is a user friendly and very easy to install
  • It majority works on every browser including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge
  • They are very safe to use as it will protect your private data


  • While they remove all types of ads, they have limited features
  • Spotify does not support any adblocker officially. So if you are using it you are going against their terms and conditions
  • Sometimes, while eliminating such interruptions it may lead to minor glitches

Spotify adblocker is the best way to enhance your listening experience. As this extension will help you to block all the annoying ads that come in between. So, if you are looking for a trouble-free way to enjoy Spotify playlists without unwanted ads, then go to your browser and install the spotify adblocker now.

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