Ways to Get a Free Government Laptop!

Nowadays, there is no way to get anything done without the use of a personal computer. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying to the job you want or trying to file the taxes or trying to connect via local aid programs. Computers are practically required.

While the majority of us are fortunate to have a laptop or a computer at home, a lot of us do not. The majority of those who require it the most cannot have the money to buy computers. There are fortunately, some programs that offer free computers to those from people with limited incomes.

If you aren’t eligible to receive a free computer There are other programs that let you buy a laptop at the lowest cost. It’s enough stressing about how to make the ends meet.

The additional hurdle of being unable to access programs and services because of a lack of a computer makes the process difficult. Perhaps you’ve had this experience. Maybe or know of someone else who could benefit from this knowledge. Whatever the case this guide is extremely useful to many.


In reality, you cannot simply call the government and request the use of a computer for free regardless of what your situation.

The program doesn’t exist.

But, it does not mean that you’re completely out of possibilities!

There are programs funded by the government that offer computers at a low cost or computers on loan to families and those in need.

The best way to go is to get in touch with the following programs within the area you live in.

Department of Health and Social Services this department of the government can assist you in connecting to local programs and non-profit organizations that can assist you access the help you require. We all want things for free And who doesn’t like purchasing things from Amazon?

The following collection of Amazon review websites will provide you products that are free for families with low incomes.

What’s that good about it?


In our technologically-driven world It’s more essential than ever before to be connected with other people via computers.

It’s the reason that many schools and employers jump onto the bandwagon and offer laptops at no cost or for a discount to students and employees.

Before you start looking for grants and other aid on your laptop computer, would suggest you take a look at what could be offered by your school or employer.

There are sources waiting to be discovered However, they may not be ones that your employer or school promotes extensively.

Many universities offer laptops for free or provide them at a discounted price to ensure that all students be able to access the devices.

You can also talk to a counselor regarding your needs. There are some colleges that offer special scholarships for students in need that can help you obtain an unpaid laptop.

Your boss might even be willing to assist by providing a laptop you require it for work, but cannot pay for this by yourself.

It’s never hurts to ask!

Free computers for families with low incomes

We won’t leave you without a laptop when your work or school will not cover the cost of your laptop!

A number of good people and organizations have profited of this and have put together great programs that you can watch.

These programs are ideal for families with low incomes and those who are struggling to access a free computer in the event that they are unable to purchase a laptop or a desktop.


The company provides free computers to those as well as organizations that are who are in need..

They adhere to an exact application procedure which requires applicants to must be “truly needy” and that computers allow them to bring about positive changes in their lives as well as the lives of those around them.

Information Technology Assistance Corporation (CTAC)

CTAC CTAC is a charity that is dedicated to supplying refurbished computers for those who are in need, such as those with low incomes, and can also help libraries, schools and non-profits acquire the equipment they require.

The program operates through laptops and computers donated by donors that CTAC cleans and reconditions for donation to another.

Families and individuals could be eligible to receive a free computer in the event that they are currently receiving any form of assistance from the government for example, Medicaid or Medicare food stamps or cash aid.

If you aren’t eligible to receive free support You may still be eligible to get a low-cost computer subject to your income.

The prices start as low as $100 on laptops, and $68 for desktops.


Craigslist might not be an obvious option, but many people are unaware that it offers a free section for each location it services.

It’s worth seeing for an unpaid laptop or computer.

I’ve seen a few here and there that someone is just looking to dispose of since it’s changed, or is shifting.

Even if you find something wrong there, you might be able to locate an expert tech-savvy person to assist you and solve the issue.


Everyone On is a non-profit organization that offers low-cost or free web services along with computers and internet access to families living in poverty in 48 states as well as in the District of Columbia.

Free Smartphone from Alliance for the Restoration and REUSE of TECHNOLOGY.

The link above will lead the user to an interactive map showing the non-profit recyclers and refurbishes across the United States.

People In need can get free computers and laptops alon with free mobile phones from More than 80 designated locations all across the US, for instance, this Foundation provides fully functioning computers and laptops to communities that are in need.

Free Cycle

Freecycle is a community of individuals and companies who wish to offer items for free to those who are in need of it the most.

The program is available globally, and you may be able to locate an active chapter close to you.

The website allows you to look through the groups to see who is giving away computers or laptops for free.

Members can also make wanted ads in which you can describe your requirements and then wait for other members to reply.


The on It (Opportunities required to increase Technologies) Foundation is a national non-profit organization that offers free computers, computer-related training and access to the internet for families with limited incomes.

To be eligible, families must have a child in the K-12 grade at an accredited public school, be eligible for reduced or free lunches and be a resident of the United States.

World Computer Exchange

The World Computer Exchange is an incredible organization That helping people with free computers and laptops with branches across the globe.

Their goal is to supply computers to those who are in need.

But, the rules come with specific rules about how computers are to be utilized.


PCs for People started in 1998 and have increased in size every year since.

To be qualified for one of the computers, the potential recipients must meet certain requirements to be eligible.

The recipient must fall below the poverty rate of 200 or have a family member who is disabled or work with an social worker.


Networking connects those in need with laptops that are affordable and desktops.

While they’re located in the Seattle region it doesn’t mean you have to be in the Seattle area to access their services.

The online store offers low-cost desktops and laptops by brands such as Apple, Dell, and Lenovo.


The National Cristina Foundation is dedicated to encouraging the reuse of technology across the nation.

More than 100 organisations are members to the foundation.

The NCF cooperates with various organizations to ensure they’re non-profit organisations that can transfer the technology to groups and individuals who are in need.

The following resources are all local They are just a few examples of the numerous local programs that are available across the nation.


The SCN provides free and low-cost Internet-connected computers to those who require them.

Another resource recommended by SCN can be found in The Washington Access Fund, which gives access to low-cost computing services for people who reside in Washington state.


Komputers 4 R Kids is an online resource specifically for children who reside in areas like the Los Angeles and Orange County regions.

They offer computers to people who require them, and are they also offer instruction to students through Their Students Repair Program.

If computers aren’t everything you require, the following organizations provide free services to families and individuals.

The program provides vouchers that can be exchanged to purchase nutritious food items at the grocery store.

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program offers nutritional Support and help to Various single women, Pregnant mothers, infants and children who are in need.  Freedom Pop is on a  mission to provide a free mobile and internet services to people who are in need. Visit their website to learn what’s available in your local area.

Family Promise This is an organization That working for low income families with members throughout the entire and in all the states of United States. They offer services to families who are low-income like help with housing, family tutoring as well as financial counseling.

Want to find free items for families with low incomes? We’ve got you as well.

If you’re pregnant or are expecting to have a child, look through our list of baby-friendly things. You’ll find more than 25 locations that offer things for free!

If you’re a college student with an account with a student email address you’re eligible for six month of Amazon Prime, free!

You might be seeking coupons or samples for free. BzzAgent is a no-cost program where you can sign-up to receive no cost samples to exchange honest comments via social media.


Microsoft registered refurbishments is a software created to assist families with low incomes as well as charities and other institutions in need to purchase computers.

The program specifically offers refurbishments with no cost Windows or Microsoft software that they can put on their new computers and laptops.

If you know anyone who repairs PCs, you could direct them to the idea to sign up to the program as an Microsoft Registered Refurbished.

Then they’ll have the chance to help others by obtaining the free program for their computer!

You can also look up the directories on the site to discover who restores these computersand to learn which one you can purchase.


This is a government-sponsored aid site that is in its early stages of testing and therefore it could be a temporary thing.

At present, it’s online and is a great source for federal grants and awards, as well as additional assistance programmes.

Click Search Support Listings , and you can browse through a variety of support services, search by name, or utilize the filters to locate what you are looking for.

Grants and federal programs can be announced at any moment and this is an excellent spot to save and visit periodically to see if you can find something that could assist you.

Smart Riverside

The Riverside City Riverside, CA is so committed to helping low-income residents that it’s willing to give residents who are low-income an upgraded computer at no cost when they are financially eligible.

The annual income of families could be less than $45,000 to get a computer and families must take a free eight-hour course in computer-related training before they can receive the computer.

The course is offered taught in English and Spanish.

These kinds of things are not offered In Riverside. There may be similar programs in your town or a nearby one which can assist you!

Your best bet is to call your local welfare department and inquire about what resources may be available to aid the family and you.


With Causes is a non-profit charity that is designed to aid people who are in need, no matter if they’re on a low income, have disabilities, or experienced a crisis or difficulty.

The charity is involved in a variety of causes and assists individuals in every way that is possible by providing a brand new car to those who are in need, allowing the children and women who have been abused and supplying computers for families who are in need.

If you are unable to locate free computers through other methods and you aren’t able afford it You can fill in the form on this site and provide a description of your circumstance.

It’s not a guarantee that it will assist, as it depends on availability of funds However, it’s worth giving it a shot.

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