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Ways to get the best out of a mobile gaming experience

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Since the days of Snake and Tetris on chunky Nokia devices that did an excellent job of imitating bricks, our mobile phones have come on leaps and bounds. Innovation has led to the birth of the internet-based smartphone and the undoubted power they typically possess. People are now using their smartphone devices to listen to music through services like Spotify while also accessing an array of excellent mobile gaming titles thanks to the all-around sophistication a modern-day smartphone provides. 

Given the dramatic improvements made in our smartphone devices has come an improved offering in terms of gaming on the whole. In fact, the sheer amount of gaming products available on smartphone devices is extensive in 2022. Despite mobile gaming’s rise up the entertainment ranks, though, not everyone is enjoying it to its maximum potential, with some people simply struggling to warm to its small screen size and limited specs, opting for console gaming options instead. Thanks to a few additional accessories and some software features, though, you can transform your mobile gaming experience and essentially turn your device into a portable gaming machine that is packed full of power. 

With that in mind, below is a look at some simple ways you can get the best out of a mobile gaming experience. 

Buy a gaming smartphone

A sure-fire way of improving any mobile gaming product is through the purchase of a gaming smartphone. These days, phone manufacturers are designing phones with gaming in mind. Given mobile gaming’s popularity, it should come as no surprise either. In the future, the gaming smartphones on offer will only continue to improve, too. These types of phones offer excellent all-round refresh rates, they come packed full of power, some feature shoulder triggers, while others offer high-resolution gaming screens and brilliant sound. Popular options among mobile gamers in 2022 include the Nubia Red Magic 5G, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, and the Asus ROG Phone 5. 

Make sure you’re playing the best titles

Given the improvement made in our smartphones, they’re able to handle more advanced games than ever before. Alongside old favourites like puzzle games and brain teasers, there are some emerging genres in the mobile category of gaming that are registering huge success. For example, real money online casino in Canada are thriving in particular and feature a huge selection of titles in one place. Likewise, console-quality games have elevated mobile gaming’s offering a great deal further also. In fact, they’re excellent. Notable products that have made a successful transition over to mobile include Mario Kart Tour, PUBG, Minecraft, Call of Duty and Fortnite. 

Purchase accessories Image

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Thanks to the emergence of a number of gaming-specific smartphone accessories, mobile gaming is far more appealing to people. For instance, you can purchase a controller that can connect through a wired connection or via Bluetooth and improve specific games. Additionally, there are joysticks, wireless headphones, battery packs to keep your phone fully charged, VR headsets, and a range of other accessories that can improve mobile gaming further. 

Play on the big screen 

If the small smartphone screen doesn’t do it for you, especially when you’re at home and not able to make use of smartphone gaming’s portability aspect, then you can connect to a television screen thanks to options such as AirPlay and Chromecast. Admittedly, you do need an AirPlay compatible smart TV, an Apple TV for iPhones, or a Chromecast built-in television, dongle, or set-top box, but it’s worth doing if you’re keen to mix things up a bit. Popular televisions include the Apple TV HD, the Vizo V-Series, the M-Series Quantum, and the P-Series Quantum X. 

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