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We Are The Jaboltv Girls {Jan 2023} The identity of the girls!

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Did you know that Eat Bulaga (a variety show on TV) had a reputation for being exploited? JabolTV does not own Eat Bulaga. Initial speculations about the origin of the video and the identities of the four girls as well as their profession were widespread. The sekawan girl video was first seen extensively in Indonesia. It spread to the Philippines and eventually became a Worldwide Trend.

We have all the facts you need about We Are the Jaboltv Girl.

Video: Leaked Sekawan Girls video

The viral video featuring apatnababae was created on 29/12/2022. However, the video was shared extensively on social media beginning in January 2023. The video was originally uploaded to JabolTV’s website on January 2, 2023. JabolTV, a grownup website that features videos from seven well-known channels, is called JabolTV. TWITTER Leaked Full video. JabolTV provides deep searches for Pinay girls videos.

Internet presence video of apatnababae

JabolTV released a video file called “dmwm9by5hzr2”, and it featured the tag line, “If Eat Bulaga has dancers Jabol TV has JabolTV Girl!”

JabolTV is also available on mobile browsers. In the bottom right corner, you can import the clip which is 73.4MB in size. YouTubeallows the saving of the clip in video liberty. The video is available in ‘. MP4 file format. The video is approximately 00:03,22 minutes in length.

Initialy, the entire video was not accessible online. However, only 00:00.09 seconds to 00:00.28 second censored videos were shared on social networks. Social media users began to offer the video to subscribers and likers in return for subscribing to their channel.

Sekawan Girls Video on Social Media and YouTube:

The JabolTV tagline became very popular by the evening of 4 January 2023. It was shortened to ” We are the JabolTV girls“. Netizens quickly realized that the video was from JabolTV. “Viral_on_soc_med,” a Reddit user, uploaded two videos of apatnababae. Reddit users asked about the names of these girls in the comments. “Knee_Some”, one of the Redditusers updated the name to “GAP Girls: Rai Fernandez.”

The identity of the girls:

TikTok allowed Rai to access her profile. She was loved for her beautiful physique and pale complexion. Rai thanked all her fans immediately. Rai has thousands of TikTokers who have viewed her videos and like them. Rai usually posts general dance moves on TikTok.

People knew that four girls were Indonesian, until Ria’s profile on TIKTOK was made public. Finally, the six-January-2023 profile of Ria revealed that all four Filipino girls were Ria’s cousins/sisters!

4 Pinay girl video’s basic taglines

Accordingly, the video was tagged with 4 Gap Girls Telegraphlink JabolTV, JabolTV, Empat, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, jabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, JabolTV, Jabol TV girls, Empat, apatnababae and 4 Pinay Girls, which are related to both of Indonesian and Filipino language.

Social media Links:Excluded due to inappropriate content and grownups.


There were two parts in the 4 Gap Girls video. Both videos made it onto social media on the 4th of January 2023. Both videos featured four cousins in different outfits. They wore skirts, Bardots, shorts and asymmetrical t-shirts. The girls in both videos showed off their upper bodies and commented on how they looked.

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