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Wedding dresses for the autumn-winter season from the brand Dream Bridal Couture

It has long been proven that, regardless of the time of year, the wedding season is the warmest time, because it is during this period that the maximum number of warm words are spoken, many hot glances and warming smiles are given, and there is also an awareness that it is these hugs and these eyes you want to see always, and this is the warmest feeling, which is called love.

Love comes regardless of the season, and although marriages take place in heaven, their ceremonial part takes place on earth, which requires certain vestments and preparation, and if you planned the wedding ceremony for the winter period, then you should prepare especially carefully, because winter is not only about snow, the monochrome of city streets and long evenings in each other’s company, but also cold, dirt and layers of clothing.

However, every season has its own mysteries; it is only important to prepare for them correctly. The designer of the Dream Bridal Couture brand, a leader in creating classic looks with designer embroidery for brides from all over the world, shares her experience on how to choose a dress for an autumn-winter wedding.

What kind of dress to choose for the cold season?

It is generally accepted that it is better to choose a dress for the northern regions from a thicker fabric, with long sleeves, a closed bodice and maximum length, but we hasten to assure you that this is completely optional. The choice of dress depends on the location of the ceremony, and if you decide to celebrate your own wedding in a room where it is easy to maintain a comfortable air temperature, then the choice of wedding dress is completely unlimited from a romantic and feminine mermaid to a delicate princess and a universal A-line silhouette.

Well, if you still dream of a photo shoot in the mountains, among the snow and winter beauties, we advise you to insulate your legs and think about appropriate outerwear, which a fur coat or warm coat that matches your dress will do just fine.


Warm vs Gorgeous: chronicles of choosing a wedding dress

Comfort and beauty – this choice faces girls every hour, and therefore it is better to choose both, which the masters and designers of the Dream Bridal Couture brand will masterfully provide, because to feel beautiful without basic comfort and taking into account seasonality, body shape, cultural characteristics and preferences, and the views of the girl herself, it is extremely difficult, and there is no need. All you need to do is turn to professionals, because a winter wedding is wonderful, as proven by Dream Bridal Couture.

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