Weed Gone Bad? Here’s How You Can Find Out!

Storing weed really isn’t that hard. You find a dry, air tight container and store it away from any direct heat source or extreme temperatures. Easy, right? Yet a bunch of consumers end up throwing their half used flower in a plastic bag and shoving it into the deep creases of their kitchen cupboard. Or maybe, under the bed? 

What comes next might not surprise you. A flower that no longer tastes or smells the same, even looks different. And even if you end up consuming it after the clear giveaways, you’ll realize your puffs aren’t as strong, as enjoyable and sometimes even safe. 

Like everything else that’s moldy, consuming old and ruined weed can really take a toll on your health. What’s worse is that you’ll be inhaling this mold, forcing it down your lungs resulting in very obvious and serious lung infections. 

If you’re a newbie in Chula Vista and are really clueless about what ruined weed looks like, we’ll help you out. But, firstly if you want to get legal access to medical marijuana you can apply for a medical marijuana card in Chula Vista, CA and get your 420 evaluations online done after which you will receive your mmj recommendation via mail.

How to Know Your Weed Has Gone Bad?

High quality cured flowers look a certain way. They have a bright color, smell fruity and skunky, taste devine (and just like they smell) and have a beautiful fur coating of trichomes. In other words, it’s definitely everything you expect good weed to be like. 

Good Weed vs Bad Weed: Appearance 

The first thing you look at while buying weed is, well, the weed. You observe its colors, looking for the bright greens with hints of reds, blues and purples. High quality weed also has a cobweb of trichomes covering the surface of the cured flower. 

But storing it away in a dingy cell for a few months or even days can take away from their appearance. So how will you know it has gone bad? 

The bright colors begin to dim down, glistening green turns to sad faded shades. 

A layer or white fuzzy mold begins to grow on the surface of your flower, sometimes even overtaking the trichomes. 

But don’t be fooled if you don’t find white spots on your weed. Black spots at the roots or deep in the crevices are proof of rotting weed too. Very often, these spots might not be visible to the naked eye, requiring you to check for them under UV lights. 

Good Weed vs Bad Weed: Smell

That’s probably the second thing you do while buying a cannabis flower. If you’re pleased with the way your weed looks, you’ll bring it closer to your nose and take a whiff. And let me tell you, the nose knows. This one sniff will tell you enough about the quality of weed. 

Rather than having just one distinct aroma, you’ll find traces of something fruity, spicy, earthy and skunky in good quality weed. This makes the change in quality over time very obvious. 

If you’ve stored your weed like a bachelor putting away dirty laundry, chances are, your weed has started smelling like sweat, just like your clothes. If your weed smells like urine or just has a weird odor unlike before, you’re better off throwing it away. 

Good Weed vs Bad Weed: Taste

This comes as the real test of the quality of your weed. Truth be told, the odor of your weed tells you enough about how it will taste. So a gram that smells pine-like will also taste similar. A puff of citrusy weed might have traces of lemon.  And the taste of moldy sweat-like weed? We’re sure it won’t taste like anything good. Maybe even hay. But you’re better off not finding out. 

How to Store Your Weed? 

If you’re new to cannabis, you’ve probably decided to keep some weed stored away for later. Very wise. We don’t recommend new users to test their limits, rather, it’s always a better option to microdose. If you’re a habitual one, you’ve probably bought more than what can last you a single use. In both cases, you need to store your buds somewhere. 

When it comes to storing your weed properly, here are a few tips to follow. 

Use a Container

Use a container. Not a plastic bag. But don’t just use any container. Get an airtight container that’s just the right size to store the amount of weed you have. 

Keep it Neutral

Warm or cool temperatures won’t ruin the weed, but it will definitely ruin its quality. Warm surroundings might cause your weed to dry out while the overly cool temperature might ruin the trichomes. 

You must avoid storing it near direct heat sources or in the refrigerator. Room temperature should work just fine. 

Keep It in The Dark

Buds need direct sunlight all the way through to their harvesting. But once they’re in a container, in perfect single gram pockets, you might want to avoid putting them under UV lights. 

Avoid Moisture

Moisture will lead to moldy weed. It’s obvious and we don’t need to get too much into it. As long as you ensure that your container has no moisture and your buds haven’t been exposed to any extreme humid environment, the weed should be fine. 

Keep it Clean

A dirty container can be the breeding house of bacteria and mold. So before you transfer your freshly cured, high quality buds into the container, ensure that it’s clean and spotless. 

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