Welock Fingerprint Door Lock Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Locks for Front Door Touch43 Review

Smart locks (keyless locking systems) offer the best security and are very convenient. With any smart locks, you don’t need to move around with a bunch of keys, have spares or make some copies, or fear locking yourself out or losing your keys. Furthermore, their design makes it hard for thieves to break in. However, to ensure that your properties are safe, you must purchase a high-quality and reliable smart lock system.

Welock Fingerprint Door Lock is among the best plus most reliable smart lock devices available in the market. This smart door lock has special features, including an ironclad security system; it’s simple to install and the best value for money. Let’s have detailed information about Welock smart door lock below.

Welock Fingerprint Door Lock Features

1. Reliability and Functionality

Welock Fingerprint Door Lock comes with three unlocking systems. They include the fingerprint, app control, and RFID card. The lock will take just half a second to identify your fingerprint and only one second to open the door. Moreover, the accuracy of its identification system is 98%. Hence it’s 98% accurate in identifying any recorded fingerprint when the finger is positioned correctly. The 3D fingerprint sensor isn’t like other optical readers, which are easily tricked using fingerprint images.

With an RFID unlocking system, you must tap the card at the locking device. Furthermore, by unlocking the door with app control, you can unlock your door from any place by simply tapping a button. When using the Welock Fingerprint Door Lock as a door knob and not a deadbolt, it auto-locks the door in 5 to 14 seconds after closing. This great feature makes it the best for people that tend to forget to lock the front door or misplace their keys.

2. Capacity

With Welock Fingerprint Door Lock, one cam records about 100 fingerprints. Moreover, one can register about three fingerprints for use as admin functions. In addition, you can also pair it with up to 20 cards. Thus, you can comfortably add all your friends and family minus making spare copies. When you have an emergency far from your house, your trusted neighbor can unlock this smart door within seconds.

3. Control and Security

It’s impossible to trick this smart door lock with unrecorded fingerprint images. Furthermore, one can add a passcode with a maximum of 10 digits for extra security. This smart door lock also has a bank-grade encryption chip. With this, you will be assured of the safety of all the app data and the registered fingerprints. Furthermore, this smart lock also has Bluetooth Energy technology encryption to guarantee that every interaction with this device remains protected.

With a Wi-Fi box, one can remotely unlock and lock the door using the Welock app. Furthermore, you can also track all the unlocking and locking interactions and see who got in your home and at what time. Besides, the app allows you to offer infinite guest virtual keys for access, which will be valid for a given period.

4. Battery Life

The Welock Fingerprint Door Lock device needs three AAA batteries and an OLED screen. With a given set of batteries, you can lock/unlock the door 8,000 times. Hence it will serve you for about one year if having ten unlocking/locking interactions in a day. The OLED screen will display the battery status, warnings, and settings. You’ll get a warning to change your batteries when the power drops below 20%. In case the batteries drain all the power when the device is locked, you can unlock the door with the help of a portable charger before you replace the batteries.

5. Durability

Welock Fingerprint Door Lock is made last for a long. It can withstand brute force and rough weather; hence it’s best for use at your main entrance or as a garden shed. The lock has an IP65 rating; hence it’s protected from water and dust. Furthermore, the product can withstand higher temperatures which range from -30°C to 60°C. This makes the device suitable for windy, rainy, or sunny environments.

Welock Fingerprint Door Lock is made with strong stainless steel and zinc alloy material. Its build quality and strong frame improve the durability and strength of the Welock Fingerprint Door Lock.

6. Ease of Installation

Welock Fingerprint Door Lock is simple to install. The devices come with an instruction manual explaining the installation procedure in a simple and easy-to-follow way. Moreover, there is also a video instruction to offer you a better understanding. The product comes with a screwdriver and screws. No wiring is required, and the device is made to fit every door with a thickness ranging from 33mm to 50mm.

7. Installation Process

Before you purchase Welock, you should measure your door length and ensure its thickness ranges from 33mm to 50mm.

  • Insert one of the 45-50mm or 50-60mm adapters into the rear handle hole.
  • Before you install the handle, mount a lock body at the door.
  • After installing a lock body, tighten the screws and insert the front handle into the lock body.
  • Connect the mounting bracket as you tighten the screws.
  • Insert the rear handle into the toggle lever.

What’s Inside The Box?

This smart door lock box includes the following items.

  • RFID cons three pieces
  • A Welock Fingerprint Door Lock
  • A Small Box of Necessary Screws
  • A Warranty Card
  • An Instruction Manual

Moreover, you can also add a Wi-Fi box to the purchase to link the device to your Wi-Fi network.


  • Several ways to unlock (fingerprint, RFID card, app)
  • Durable and strong, suitable for use in any season
  • Simple to install
  • Bank-grade encryption to keep your data safe
  • Anti-torsion knob
  • One-year battery runtime
  • Accurate plus reliable fingerprint recognition
  • Suitable when house sharing
  • In-built buzzer for low battery alert
  • Can record up to 100 distinct fingerprints plus 20 RFID cards
  • Emergency backup entry
  • Features adjustable auto lock
  • Made using premium metal


  • Doesn’t support the charging function
  • Not 100% accurate


Welock Fingerprint Door Lock features improved durability and security. Moreover, this keyless locking mechanism is convenient and reliable, and you will no longer need to worry about moving around with a bunch of keys or thieves breaking into your home. This smart lock features a two-layer encryption system. The device gives your office, garden, garage, home, etc., bank-grade security.

Moreover, with the help of the Welock app, you will be able to control and track your door remotely. The product is made to remain strong against brute force and rough weather. In addition, the product is simple to install, power efficient, and has a user-friendly smart lock.

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