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Wertief Shop Scam Showing Some Specifications Of

Are you beginning to see the potential for a new shopping site? To get an impartial verdict, please make sure to thoroughly analyze the site.

The right placement of decorative materials can make a house complete. Many United States residents believe that furniture can ruin a home’s beauty. may also have been a result of your online search for furniture. In this article, we will give some insights into the realities of this website. We will now be discussing the Fraud Shop in order to inform consumers.

False Information from The

The following section will give you an idea of what a website cost. You can find all of the important information in this article.

  • Trust rank The portal calculated a 58.9/100 ranking.
  • Domainage – According to our findings, the store is 3 days old at this time, which indicates that it was registered in March 2022.
  • Policy Included: The return policy details and other information are left out.
  • Alexa Rank – has no Alexa Rank.
  • trust score – The wertief Shop Reviews found that the portal has a only 1% trust score.
  • Discounts Offer– has no untrustworthy rebates for customers.
  • Website Extension Date Site’s Frozen Date is 30-03-2023
  • Duplicity noted– A lot of plagiarism has been found on the website’s content.
  • Customer Review We haven’t received any Trustpilot reviews about the website. The website does not have any consumer comments.
  • Validity This street address is real, but there are no traces of the firm.
  • Social Network Contacts The icons are listed, but the links to them are broken.
  • Owner’s name– When we found Wertief Shopping Scam threads in the shop, we discovered that there were no connected strings.

About This Website

Our research revealed that is selling essential home products including-

  • Refrigerators
  • Tea Kettles
  • Sofa-chair sets
  • Stand Mixers
  • Gaming Monitors

You can also find many other products in this online shop. is able to offer premium products at a more affordable price than ever. Let us now examine the section below, where we will identify some strings that connect to the portal.

Showing Some Specifications Of

  • The accession link to this e-store is
  • As per the Wurtief Shop Scam strings investigation, we discovered that Kettles/Freezers, Ladders etc. were trading over the web site.
  • provided 30 days for customers to return their items.
  • The website accepts several payment methods, including PayPal, American Express and MasterCard.
  • Customers are offered free shipping
  • 30-03-2022 was the registration date for the It means that the site is just 3 days old.
  • The given mail address is [email protected].
  • The delivery policy strings do not exist.
  • We have spotted the newsletter option.
  • 2665 Lenox Dr. Gainesville Georgia 30507, United States. This is the listed store’s address.
  • We have not been able to locate any refund policy hints in the Shop Scam threads.
  • The phone number is inaccessible.
  • They are social icons.
  • They offer an exchange policy that allows the customer to return the item for a refund and then purchase a brand new product.

What Are the Profits?

  • Attractive trust rank value is 58.9/100
  • We discovered the free shipping option.
  • It is possible to view the address details and an e mail address.

Why is the Portal Broken?

  • The contact number cannot be found.
  • The links are not working.
  • Our algorithm found a mere 1% trust score.

What are the Wertief Shop Efficacy?

It has not provided any feedback on the website or Trustpilot in its survey. In addition, we found that the portal was inactive on several social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A low trust score makes it a risky choice for online shoppers.

The interface of this portal is very similar to other scam sites. Therefore, we suggest that you take a moment to wait for authentic reviews.

Click here to see if you were swindled by PayPal frauds.

The Final Words

This article contains Scam threads. It is intended to help you determine the legitimacy of

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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