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What are Pasture Organic Eggs made of?

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Eggs are an essential food that is difficult to replace with other nutritional formulations. It is he who has all the necessary substances and components that can saturate the body with protein and make up for the lack of other substances in the body.

High-quality pasture organic eggs from the farm are the best product you can find. Special conditions allow you to raise chickens in the best safety conditions, so the eggs are rich and tasty, with the best properties and long shelf life.

Egg composition

They are a great source of vitamins, folate, biotin and choline, selenium, calcium, iodine, and phosphorus:

●      Protein. Consists of amino acids. Most proteins in egg white – 50%, in egg yolk – 44%.

●      Fats. About half of the calories in an egg come from fat. One large egg has slightly less than 5 g of fat, which is concentrated in the egg yolk.

●      Carbohydrates. Eggs are shallow in carbohydrates, with only 0.36 g per large egg, 40% of which is present in the yolk.

Vitamin C and a lower concentration of calcium are the only nutrients lacking in eggs.

Useful properties of eggs

Eggs are a super weapon for all good reasons. They are loaded with nutritional properties on all fronts because:

●      eggs are rich in proteins – the building foundation for a strong body, which is very important for athletes; it gives strength to the muscles and slows down the speed when they are lost;

●      vitamins B6 and B5 present in eggs help balance hormone levels and manage stress; eggs in the diet will provide all the building blocks for healthy sperm;

●      eating eggs increases libido and maximizes energy levels, not for nothing; they are called symbols of fertility and rebirth;

●      eggs are an excellent source of amino acids that fight erectile dysfunction problems;

●      a strong man must have a robust immune system; vitamin A, B-12, and selenium will help.

Now that you’re in the know add something to your diet. Quality organic eggs are a great and healthy solution for anyone wanting to get the most out of the product but not spending much on expensive nutritional supplements.

Properly selected eggs will not only be an excellent addition to your daily diet. They have a reasonably long shelf life, so you can immediately buy them with a margin and store them in the refrigerator under normal temperature conditions.

There are a variety of features you should look out for when purchasing quality organic eggs. You should evaluate the quality of the shell. It should be smooth and even, without visible flaws. You also look at the size and color of the shell. Quality eggs can only be purchased from a proven farm that has passed all the necessary tests.

Suppose you lead an active lifestyle and constantly exercise. In that case, eggs are an indispensable part of your diet, allowing you to get the maximum benefit in the process of consumption and reduce possible risks in the process. Trust only proven and reliable product brands. 

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