What Are Pavilion Marquees and Why Should You Get One for Your Business?

Are you looking for an event marquee for your next outdoor business event?

Are you bored of the generic marquee structures that the market is filled with?

Are you looking for a new design of event marquee to take your business’ style quotient to the pro level? 

We have got the perfect solution to your quest for the best marquee for business use: Pavilion Marquees.

If you already know about them, then full marks for being on top of things. If not, then don’t worry mates! We are going to tell you everything about pavilion marquees here. Our explainer should help you in deciding whether this marquee design is good for your business or not.

So let’s get on with it and by the end you might also admit that pavilion marquees are a perfect fit for your outdoor business event tool kit…

What Are the Different Types of Event Marquees Available on the market?

Before we take a closer look at pavilion marquees, we thought it’s better to get you acquainted with the different types of custom marquees that can be used for outdoor events.

Marquees and Gazebos are very popular products used to create venues for big and small events. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are many types of event marquees available on the market. Some of the popular types of event marquees include products like:

·         Crest event marquees

·         Large-size dome tents

·         Pinnacle marquees

·         Pavilion marquees

What Are Pavilion Marquees and How Are They Different from Other Event Marquees?

Crest event marquees and large-size dome tents are usually used for bigger gatherings. A dome tent is a circular shaped structure which is completely packed on all sides. Crest event marquees are also usually covered on all four sides. However, in case you want, you can also get a partially covered structure or detachable walls in some branded marquees of this range.

As compared to the first two, pinnacle or pavilion marquees are open on all four sides. However, you can choose to add either full or half sidewalls to your custom marquee structure. Pinnacle and pavilion marquees look very similar in design. The primary difference is in the design of the roof structure. Apart from that, pinnacle marquees are available in bigger sizes that are more suitable for larger events. On the other hand, pavilion marquees are available in a range of sizes, which are more portable and therefore, preferable for business use on a periodic basis.

Pavilion marquees have a square or rectangle shaped layout with a roof that forms a tapered peak which falls to the edges in straight slanted lines. The pinnacle marquee, on the other hand, has a conical peak that ends in curved edges on the sides. In other words, we can also say that the pinnacle marquee is shaped like a Chinese temple while the pavilion marquee roof looks more like a pyramid structure.

Why Should You Get a Pavilion Marquee for Your Business?

Marquees and gazebos, in general, have a lot of practical advantages. They are reliable shades, which can be used as temporary structures for recreational and business activities. They are easy to assemble as well as pack-up after an event. The roof fabric of most branded gazebos can be customized to display your logo, branding and advertising content. Moreover, printed marquees can be set up in almost any location with a flat ground, which is very helpful for business.

Pavilion marquees also provide all these advantages. The roof shape and fabric is perfect for custom-printing your branding content. These strong and stylish tents with pointed roofs are frequently used by businesses at trade fairs, exhibitions, and shows for entertainment, sports and agricultural industries. They are also used by schools, colleges and clubs.

The biggest advantage of pavilion marquees for businesses, however, is the bigger space that it provides. They are larger than regular folding marquees, but they are designed in a way that requires no poles within the marquees, providing a space free of all obstacles.

Which Pavilion Marquee Is the Best and Where Should You Get It from?

There are certain features that you must consider in order to land the best printed marquee structure for your business. You should make sure that your pavilion marquee possesses the following features:

  1. ·      Robust frame structure with thick circular legs preferably made of aluminum as that offers resistance from corrosion
  2. ·         Heavy-duty galvanized steel feet for a solid grounding
  3. ·         Roof structure supported by sturdy cables
  4. ·         Durable roof made of 100% PVC fabric and custom-printed
  5. ·         Center pole roof tensioning mechanism that keeps the roof surface flattened
  6. ·         UV protected, waterproof and fire-retardant models


When getting a pavilion marquee, the most important consideration for any business should be the quality and features of the product. Getting a cheap and generic marquee can be a temptation when you focus too much on budget. However, a low-quality outdoor marquee will not last long and might even cause trouble on the event day, making the entire purchase a fruitless endeavor. Therefore, you must opt for branded marquees from premium marquee manufacturers in Australia. These products will provide more consistent ROIs for your business.

Pavilion marquees are known to be outstanding marquee shades, making them a trusted and reliable choice for many businesses. We hope that the information shared here would help you make the right choice when deciding to purchase an event marquee for your business.

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