What are some of the Basics of Effective Essay Writing in 2022?

You just participated in an essay writing competition. You thought you wrote the best essay of your life but still did not make it into the top 10. Does this sound like you?

Essay Writing is something that we all have to keep encountering in our academic lives. Whether it be high school or college, Essays are something that we have to face at one point or another. That is the only reason students usually ask to write my essay for me. Writing a perfect essay can be quite a challenge. It requires a few different sets of skills working in harmony to write the best essay, like researching, formatting, and communication. In this article on essay writing, we will be exploring all the technicalities and strategies that go into writing the perfect essay, so read on!

How to prepare for Essay Writing?

Before writing your essay, you must take the following steps to ensure you’re on the right track:

Identifying the Essay Type:

There are three basic kinds of essay writing. They are:

·   Analytical/expository essays:

The purpose of an analytical/expository essay is to provide an analysis of a given topic. For example, if your essay topic is “Life in times of Covid,” then you would give a run-down of how the situation was during covid from your perspective. There is always a level of subjectivity involved in analytical essays. But the more statistics and facts you include in your analysis, the better. 

·   Descriptive essays:

In Descriptive essays, the goal is to describe a particular situation. Of all the essay types, descriptive essays are the most subjective and require great creativity. The usage of adjectives and metaphors is what makes an essay descriptive.

·   Narrative essays:

Narrative essay writing is also telling a story and has subjectivity. In Narrative essays, you present your views in the form of a complete story. Using first-person pronouns like “I” I frowned upon in other types of essays, but in narrative essays, it’s pretty standard. 

·   Argumentative Essays:

Argumentative essays are similar to expository essays. But unlike in expository essays, where you have to provide a detailed analysis of a situation without picking sides, you have to pick aside in argumentative essays. 

How to Research and extract ideas?

Once you know the type of essay you are going for, it’s time to gather information and brainstorm for the essay writing service. You will need a “main topic” and three concepts related to the main topic you want to explore in your essay. 

Make sure you write all of this down, then research the concepts as headings. Write down each relevant information you come across or ideas you brainstorm along the way in bullet points under the headings.

How to structure the essay?

Essay writing services will always require an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Writing the introduction:

You want to give an overview of what you will be discussing in the main body in your introduction. It is crucial to begin your introduction with a “hook.” A “hook” is a statement that instantly grabs the reader’s attention. It could be a funny statement, a question, or a shocking statistic. Once you have written an overview, you want to end your introduction with a thesis statement. A “thesis statement” is a sentence that includes the main topic and the concepts/arguments you will be exploring in your essay. 

Writing the Main Body:

The main body is what essay writing is all about. Without the main body, there is no essay. The main body includes all the concepts you brainstormed in paragraphs. Each concept should have its dedicated paragraph/s. The main body will be structured differently depending on the type of essay you are writing. In the case of expository and argumentative essay service, you will divide the paragraphs based on the line of arguments/ points you have brainstormed. In narrative or descriptive writing, you will divide up the paragraph depending on the progression and stages of your story. 

Writing the Conclusion:

The conclusion in the essay writing service is similar to the introduction, as it sums up what’s in the main body. The difference between the introduction and conclusion is that introduction only sums up the points in a general way. In contrast, the conclusion does that in a more specific manner. Once you’re done writing your essay, proofreading and editing are key! Avoid skipping this step.


Essay Writing comes down to understanding the goal you want to achieve with your essay and then executing it in the most organized manner. We have explored all the possible ways to improve your essay writing. Now it’s your time to write your best essays and get that coveted first prize in the following essay writing competition!

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