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What Are The Advantages Of A Transparent LED Screen, Both Indoors And Outdoors?

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Technologically advanced transparent LED screens have rapidly emerged in the image of new cities, attracting the attention of numerous advertisers, and traditional advertising styles have gradually been eliminated in functional applications in some areas.

In addition to meeting the lighting structure, lighting requirements, and viewing angle range requirements of floors, glass curtain walls, glass windows, and other lighting structures in the product use environment, the transparent LED screen also has excellent heat dissipation and anti-aging properties. These benefits pay close attention to how LED display manufacturers will emerge from the video advertising media market in the future. The micro-innovation of the light bar screen is the foundation upon which transparent LED displays are built. On these foundations, a hollow design structure is added to make specific improvements, and in order to get the most out of the perspective effect, unnecessary structural components are removed from the way of seeing. However, this product’s ease of installation and upkeep may overcome the limitations of conventional LED displays for glass curtain wall applications. There are two types of transparent LED screens: outdoor transparent screens and indoor transparent screens, each of which has its own benefits.

The Benefits of Using a Transparent LED Screen in the Home

The majority of the indoor PTCLed transparent screen is installed behind the glass curtain wall, so it has no effect on the surrounding environment when it is not in use during the day.

The indoor LED transparent screen will have a lower production cost because it does not require as much protection as the outdoor LED transparent screen.

It also avoids approval for outdoor advertising because it uses a novel method of indoor and outdoor communication.

The Benefits of Using a Transparent LED Screen Outside

Currently, outdoor interpretation, shopping mall exterior walls, glass curtain walls, theme parks, and other fields are the most common applications for outdoor waterproof transparent screens. Indoor transparent screens and waterproof transparent screens are distinct. The lack of waterproofing on indoor transparent screens poses a significant risk when viewing extreme scenes. Different is the transparent outdoor screen. The grille design of the screen itself has its own heat dissipation function. Throughout the day, it operates without air conditioning and can also display normally in severe outdoor weather.

The transparent outdoor screen is filled with glue with high precision, the power box is sealed, and the power supply uses less energy. The energy-efficient display and the level of protection have reached an incredible IP65 level to ensure that the box is free of water.

Therefore, the LED transparent screen must withstand wind and rain if it is to be used outdoors for a long time. Outdoor LED transparent screens require not only the design of a professional waterproof structure to improve the box’s sealing, but also the addition of a waterproof board to the top without affecting its appearance, as well as improvements to the LED transparent screen’s overall waterproof performance.

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The advantages of the LED transparent display

1. The perspective effect of approximately 75% preserves the glass’s daylighting function, and the presence of LED lights is almost inaudible from a distance, ensuring that the daylighting of the glass curtain wall is unaffected. The transparent LED display has a highly transparent effect.

2. The main board of the screen is only 10 millimeters thick, making it lightweight and compact with a transparent LED display. The transparent LED screen doesn’t take up much space once it’s installed and doesn’t bother any other buildings or facilities near the glass curtain wall. The transparent LED screen has a weight of only 14 kg/m2, and once it is installed on the glass curtain wall, the load requirement is very low.

3. The transparent LED display is light in weight, simple to install, and does not require a complicated supporting steel structure, which can save a lot of money on installation. It only requires a simple steel frame structure. The installation of the outdoor LED screen is simple and quick thanks to its simple operation.

4. The LED transparent display requires only indoor maintenance, which is quick and safe, saving labor and materials. This makes it convenient and quick to maintain.

5. A large portion of the exterior wall lighting lamps can be saved by installing an LED glass curtain wall display (transparent screen) that saves money on building lighting. LED screens are also more absorbent, which can save money and benefit advertising.

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