What Are The Birth Control Methods For Men?

Medical scientists in charge of the male reproductive system have developed hormonal and non-hormonal birth control methods for men, with the goal of preventing unwanted pregnancy. 

On this page You will know more about some methods prescribed by doctors which can be found among over-the-counter drugs at one-stop shops or pharmacies.

Looking for useful and affordable ways of enjoying sex without regrets? Search no further, I got you covered 

In this post, I will share with you 7 techniques of birth control proven to be ninety percent effective in curbing undesirable pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections(STIs) for males.

Male sterilization method of birth control

This is medically called a ‘Vasectomy’. It is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the testicle tube that carries sperm, from entering the penis during discharge. Nevertheless, male sterilization does not obstruct you from going for as many rounds as you deem fit to go.

Vasectomy is relatively permanent, in which opting for alteration are waste of money because it is likely not going to work out.

Male condom for conception control

It guarantees protection from diseases contracted through sexual consummation and unwanted pregnancy. The condom works perfectly when used or inserted correctly. To be worn on a stiff penis before penetration.

The steroid hormone method

‘Androgen’ is a male sex hormone such as testosterone and anabolic steroids. It lowers sperm count and does not change your sexual cravings. Achieving orgasm with this process is possible.

Non-penetrative sex method of birth control 

Outercourse is a sexual activity, but there is no insertion of the tarse into the vagina. For example, fingering, kissing, bum sex, dry humping, oral sex, etc. Using this option, it is rare for unintended gestation to occur because outercourse doings are a hundred percent effective. Notwithstanding, sexually transmitted infections can spread in the process of skin-to-skin contact(pre-cum, arousal fluid, assfuck, sperm, head, etc. With your partner.

The withdrawal procedure 

Though old, it is the simplest procedure of contraception control in curbing unwanted pregnancies. To achieve a perfect result, it has to be done properly. All you need to do is, pull out the penis from the woman’s vagina before reaching the climax of ejaculation. The parting technique does not cost money or require special actions. Youngsters often find this strategy difficult to adopt. It is seventy-eight percent effective but has no assured protection form STDs.

Injectable jelly men method of birth control

‘Vasalgel’ is a fertility restraint shot that impedes the ebb of semen from the man’s body. 

A contraceptive gel that blocks and reduces the production of semen. This gel is a combination of testosterone and progesterone. Research shows that the chance of fathering a child with this method of fertility control is low. Also, it does not limit your normal sex drive.

The refraining method

Total abstinence from any form of sexual activity is the best birth control method for both genders. It comes with willingness, but in a situation where you can’t hold your sexual desires any longer, seek for other effective control procedures.  For example, condom.

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