What Are the Characteristics of a Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

A good criminal defense attorney will take your case and then fight for what is right. They are professionals who are on your side and care about nothing more than getting you the best outcome possible. They will work tirelessly and often have an extensive knowledge base in the area of law they practice. The best criminal defense attorney will have a winning record; you certainly don’t want to hire someone that has never won a case.

8 Main Characteristics of The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

1. They are a Credible Attorney

The best criminal defense attorney is someone who is a good thinker and has a plan of action. They listen to their clients and take time to think about their needs before leading the way in a trial strategy or plan of legal action. That can’t be done to serve one case at a time.

2. They Know the System

The criminal lawyer knows how to navigate and work within the legal system. They do not just “do” criminal defense. In fact, they are using their knowledge of the court’s rules and procedures to their advantage when playing the system. This knowledge allows the criminal defense attorney to strategically choose the best path for their client. They understand how the government operates and how just how much power is involved in these systems.

3. They Offer a Plan of Action

A criminal defense attorney will have a plan of action for their client for any case. They will likely have hundreds of cases simultaneously and work on many cases simultaneously. You need someone that is organized and won’t just promise to work on your case; they will present you with a plan of action and let you decide what happens.

4. They Are Knowledgeable

They are knowledgeable and have top-notch knowledge about their field. They are lawyers and know how to use the law to benefit their clients. They have to be familiar with all facets of the law. A good criminal attorney must be up-to-date with legislation and case rulings.

5. A Criminal Defense Attorney Has History

You must find someone who has experience in your specific court system, but they also need to have experience in court. They understand that they need to know how the other side will respond if they win their case. The best criminal defense attorney will have an extensive history in court and understand how it all works. They also understand how the other side handles cases and probably what strategy they will use.

6. They Know the Legal System

You must find a criminal defense lawyer who knows the legal system as well as you do, or better yet, who has been further down the road than you have. They understand the laws and court procedures. They know how to navigate the legal system to get their client the best results possible. A criminal defense lawyer understands that in a legal system if you make one mistake, you are in serious trouble, which only a criminal defense attorney knows.

7. They Have Ethics

A good attorney will have ethics and principles for ethical conduct. That starts with morals and professionalism, then moves to confidentiality and ends with honesty. They will not do the wrong thing because of legal pressures or because of the possibility that someone may be hurt. They stand by their work and ensure they do the best work possible and never be tempted to break the law.

8. They Like to Win

They want to win as much as you do! The best criminal lawyer will do everything within their abilities to ensure you win your case. A good lawyer will fight for your rights and get your deserved trial. A good criminal defense attorney will use their knowledge of the legal system and ensure they are prepared to win your case.


Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

In a perfect world, you would choose a criminal defense attorney like Leyba Defense Service that is both ethical and experienced. It’s easy to hire an attorney who thinks winning is all that matters and will do anything to get the case settled. They may have a reputation for not being completely ethical or honest, but it’s hard for you to know for sure because you don’t know them.

However, finding a good criminal attorney can be much harder. You must go through all the steps outlined above and weigh your options. If you can’t find one person to represent you in court, choose what is best for you and start building your case today!


The best criminal defense attorney will work hard and make sure that they do the best they can for their client. They will know their way around the legal system and will keep you informed every step of the way. A good criminal defense attorney will win your case and ensure you get the results you deserve in court!

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