What Are The Correct Ways To Use Keto Test Strips

The Keto diet is a moderate-protein diet containing low carbs and high fat. The ketogenic diet which you get from an expert like Keto lean Australia is apt for not only weight loss but also for maintaining sugar levels. The primary reason people switch to the keto diet is to get into a natural process called Ketosis, which is the state where your body burns out the fat deposits. However, determining whether you have reached ketosis state or not is a bit challenging. You might want to use keto test strips to measure Ketosis effectively. Blood strips and urine strips are the best ways to determine ketosis levels in your body. 

Read On To Explore The Correct Ways Of Using These

Reaching Ketosis

When you consume fewer carbs, then your body produces ketones using your fat reserves, leading to a state called Ketosis.  Blood, urine, and breath can help determine ketone levels in your body. However, blood tests are considered the most accurate ones to determine the level of ketones. 

Keto Breath

While keto breath may not be the accurate way of determining the ketosis level, it still indicates that you have reached the state of Ketosis. This is because a peculiar metallic smell or taste is developed in the mouth, different from bad breath. 

Urine Strips

Urine strips are the most convenient and 

a cost-effective way of detecting ketones in your body. These strips are available on all drug stores, supermarkets, and digital platforms. You can buy these without any prescription. One pack contains 50 or more strips. Since these expire within 3-6 months of opening, you should use them within the stipulated time. 

Best Way To Use The Urine Strips:

  • Fix a particular time of the day, such as the morning or hours after your last meal. 
  • Ensure to rinse your hands thoroughly before collecting the urine sample. 
  • Dip the end of the strip (absorbent part) into the urine sample for a while, and then withdraw. 
  • Wait until the color changes. 
  • Compare the results with the color chart
  • Discard the sample and the strip. 

Wash Your Hands

Remember, the darker the strip’s coloration, the higher is the concentration of ketones in your urine. 

Blood Meters

Ketones can also be measured using a blood meter. Quiet is similar to diabetes patients’ devices to check their sugar levels. It is a hit amongst the keto diet lovers as well. These are pretty cheap, handy to use, and last longer.  

How Does It Work? 

  • Rinse your hands thoroughly
  • Put the needle into the lancet
  • Insert ketone strip into the blood meter
  • Prick your finger using the lancet and Drop a blood sample on the strip
  • Wait for the result. ( 0.5-3 mmol/L is considered to be the ideal ketosis level in your bloodstream ) 
  • Discard the strip and wash your hands.

The Bottom Line

The Keto diet is increasingly gaining popularity, and ketone strips are a cult favorite when it comes to determining the ketosis levels of your bloodstream and urine. Urine strips are more convenient and cheaper than blood strips and blood meters. However, if you are keto-freak, the blood strips will give more accurate test results. Whatever the case may be, you can use any two to solve your purpose.

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