What are the different types of security services?

As businesses are snowballing, the threat to businesses is also increasing. In this new tech era, we see different types of threats daily. So, security is the primary concern whether it is a residential area or any other. It is our ultimate priority. 

Different types of security guards are needed for different needs. Their responsibilities remain the same: protecting assets, monitoring and defending. Are you curious about the types of security services available and what you can choose? Please scroll down to learn more about it


There are a variety of security services in Mumbai for businesses as well as commercial and residential. These services can range from basic safety precautions like locking doors and installing security cameras to specialized services like risk assessment and threat management. Finding the right service for your needs is essential, as not all security measures will be effective in every situation. There are a variety of corporate security services that businesses can choose from to protect their resources and property.

To help you understand, we bring you the list of the most important security service categories:


In this government contract, security guards are hired to protect and secure the government properties and employees. The primary role of security guards are as follows

  • Defending government properties
  • Protecting government and its employees in high-risk situations
  • Securing courthouses and other military command centres

These are only a few areas where security guards are needed but hired security guards are needed to work in various security areas. One essential thing which government take care of before hiring security guards is that they shouldn’t have any criminal records. They strictly check the profile of security guards before hiring.


In this type of security service, security guards are hired by private companies. The motif of hiring securing guards is that they primarily protect the company and its assets. They have to work according to companies’ expectations. Companies pay the security guards, and also in this type of security service, there are various employment options such as.

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Museums
  • Bank
  • Armed guards
  • Cruise ship
  • Information security service

RS3PL provides the best in-house security service in Pune, which will help to secure the companies from threats and hazards. Guards are professionally trained and well experienced


This is typically the most common type of security guard service available. Security agencies hire security guards after scrutinizing their profile and previous experiences. Clients hire a security agency that helps provide security guards according to their needs and wants. Guards are well professional and offer the best services.


Private security guard services can provide an added layer of security for businesses. Corporate security for assets and protecting personnel can help keep businesses safe in a robbery or any other crime. Guards can also monitor areas to ensure they are free from unauthorized entry or activity.

One of the leading Security services providers in Mumbai- R3SPL offers a wide range of security guard services. RS3PL excels in providing all security services, especially private security services.

 Explore all the available options a Private Security service has to offer you:


Technical security guards, provided by Win-Pro Consultancy, are a specialized type of security professional dedicated to safeguarding computer systems and sensitive data. These experts employ a range of advanced techniques to ensure the security of computers, including monitoring system access, installing and maintaining antivirus software, and implementing measures to prevent unauthorized entry into the system.


With the increase in crime rates, businesses and organizations have turned to mobile patrol guard services to help protect their property and employees. These security guards are stationed around the area where they are needed most, which decreases the chances of theft or crime happening in the first place. The patrols also provide peace of mind for those who work within the perimeter of the guard’s designated area. Businesses that use mobile patrol guard services can rest assured that they are taking adequate measures to keep their property and employees safe.


Event security services are necessary for any event. These services can range from providing security personnel to operating a checkpoint or monitoring the area around the event. Event security services can also provide electronic surveillance, guarding assets, and more. It is essential to have a reliable and professional event security service to ensure a safe and successful event.


The use of unarmed security guards has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are several different types of unarmed security guards, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. 

Some of the most common types of unarmed security guards are: 

  • Peon Security Guards: These guards are typically employed at smaller businesses or events with little potential for violence. They are not well-trained or equipped to handle confrontations and, therefore, unsuitable for high-risk environments. 
  • Light Security Guards: These guards typically patrol public areas or large commercial complexes. They are well-trained in self-defence and use firearms only as a last resort. 
  • Full-Time Armed Security Guards: These guards are the most well-equipped and trained type of security guard.


The security industry has grown enormously in recent years. As the number of companies grows, so does the need for security services. Businesses confront many dangers and threats throughout the year, which is why most large and small businesses have a security guard. A security guard’s duties are the same whether employed by a private company, a public institution, or anything in between. A security guard’s main job is monitoring, reporting, and defending against security breaches to keep assets safe.

In conclusion, there are various security services in Mumbai for businesses as well as commercial and residential spaces. Make sure to find the right one for your needs, and be sure to ask questions to ensure you are getting the best possible service. R3SPL has decades of experience providing top-notch security guard services in Mumbai for events, companies, schools/ colleges, residential, etc.

Whether you have a short- or long-term project; we can meet your needs and work with your budget and concerns. If you are looking for low-cost security guards that offer the best services, R3SPL is your go-to choose.

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