Home Real Estate What are the location benefits of Blue World City Overseas Block?

What are the location benefits of Blue World City Overseas Block?

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This time, we’d like to introduce you to Blue World City Overseas Block Islamabad, a lucrative investment opportunity. So let’s delve deeper to discover more about this fantastic initiative.

Right present, everyone in Pakistan is aware of Blue World City. It is the first intended venture in Pakistan, focusing on the tourism and travel industry. The BG of Companies owns Bwc. The famous Chinese developer Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Firm is in charge of overseeing this development for BGC. The Rawalpindi Main Road and Chakri Junction are conveniently beside this residential community. The fact that anyone in Pakistan can purchase this venture is its most important feature.

Location benefits of the Blue World City Overseas Block

By BWC management, construction has begun on the “Overseas Block,” which has been lavishly constructed and equipped with top-notch amenities to provide an extravagant life for visitors coming to Pakistan as part of the CPEC project and overseas citizens. The organization also plans to construct a specific residential district for Chinese citizens living in Pakistan and working on CPEC. Additionally, it is the first time in Pakistani property investment history that a particular industry is growing to support ex-pats. BWC is the only residential organization currently providing facilities to our Chinese tourists. The residential society’s investment opportunities improved by this factor alone, and the property investment industries in the twin cities are upbeat about the potential and anticipate good profits from their investments.

Ideal Location

For people outside of Pakistan, civilization is the ideal location to reside. The Lahore-Islamabad Motorway & the Islamabad International Airport are nearby. There are many plants and gorgeous roads in the distance. Despite being away from the hustle of the big city, it is only a short drive from the city centre.

The BWC Overseas Block map underlines the significance of this new accommodation. In addition, the value of the nearby residences will rise quickly once the new road fully construct.

Attractions Reachable from this Area

As seen in the picture, Blue World City is quite simple to get to via the Chakri intersection on the way to Chakri Road.  The venture is approximately a 13 drive from the road and a 30-minute car drive from the airport. Dwelling on the estate makes going to the twin cities comfortable & it only takes thirty minutes.

Update on NOC for BWC

The RDA granted BWC Islamabad its NOC. The concerned organizations primarily gave the 427 Kanal state the go-forward. Furthermore, the administration has resolved the legal disagreement between the district municipality and the Rawalpindi Development Authority, swiftly relieving all parties involved.

Eco-Friendly Surroundings

Because there is so much greenery in the housing society, it is a great place to live for individuals who like to be outside. It boasts a quiet, environmentally friendly ambience and provides its inhabitants with modern conveniences. It boasts a tranquil, ecologically friendly atmosphere and provides its inhabitants with modern amenities.

Large Mosque

Individuals give tremendous significance to their religious obligations. As a result, this gated community has also considered that factor. In addition, it is the location of two spectacular mosques with cutting-edge architectural and technological features.

Filteration Plants

More difficult to locate is clean water. For the benefit of the residents, it provides a range of filtration plants all over society. In addition, it has produced storage tanks that may be operating for daily tasks.

Healthcare facilities

The needs of wellness have not gone unmet by the designers. As a result, the builders are building a hospital with all the required medical equipment, specialists, and emergency services. They must adhere to hygiene requirements.

Commercial Zone

The residents of this residential project specifically need to be taken into account. The community has devised a brilliant plan to give the residents access to a central business centre.

Features of the Blue World City Overseas Block

The Overseas Block of Blue World City Islamabad presents a dwelling with the following top-notch conveniences:

  • Modernized digital security measures
  • Clinics, institutions, and mosques
  • Residential Gated Neighborhood
  • Constant CCTV surveillance
  • Overseas Lagoon club


Every buyer and inhabitant wants a one-of-a-kind environment, which this Block aims to deliver.

a gated community

Blue world city Overseas Block is one of Pakistan’s safest areas for homes. It uses CCTV to monitor every area of Pakistan continually.

Business Center

The most significant benefit of investing in the Overseas Block is its proximity to the commercial centre. The builders planned to include a commercial centre in this residential development for the use of its residents.

Definition of Luxury

Numerous housing developments in Pakistan offer high-end facilities. This is the only housing complex, though, close enough to provide the amenities that Blue World City does. A Cutting-Edge Information Protection System

You may feel safe whenever you leave your residence, knowing that you and your goods are safe thanks to the overseas Block in Blue World City’s state-of-the-art security precautions.

Providing important services round-the-clock

You will not have to worry about supplying necessary services if you purchase in the Blue Society, which is another benefit.


The most significant real estate project in Pakistan is currently well-known across the nation. It has traits that resemble alien cultures, which those Pakistani societies hardly usually exhibit. Worldwide, developed countries are embracing Overseas Block’s environmentally conscious designs. The Overseas Block in BWC is a tranquil haven.

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