What Are the Most Common Shipping Mistakes That You Need to Avoid?

If you operate an online business, you might know the importance of shipping. However, business owners need to understand that shipping is not only about the delivery process of the goods but also much more than that. The shipping method you choose will showcase the commitment of your organization toward the customer’s overall experience. But sometime you might want to get ahead of your competitors. In such cases, you need to avoid common shipping mistakes. Even if the mistakes might not seem massive, the consequences can be devastating. But unless you identify them, addressing these mistakes cannot be possible. But keep in mind that identification is a challenging part. 

To help business owners identify and avoid common shipping mistakes, we have written a detailed guide. Make sure you read this article to know what shipping mistakes you need to avoid at any cost. 

Inaccurate Weight of the Shipment 

While shipping heavily loaded products, you might face problems to get proper weight estimation. One of the biggest reasons why many business owners make this mistake is that they don’t use the proper tools while taking weight measurements. Many business owners assume that estimating the weight by a decimal is the best option. But this is undoubtedly one of the most common and devastating mistakes made by business owners. The shipping carriers will measure the weight before the shipment. If they find any massive difference between the mentioned weight and the actual weight, they will charge you extra. Not to mention, the estimation will increase the small weights in decimal which will ultimately affect your shipping cost. 

This is why you should measure the weight of your shipment properly before shipping. Consider asking the shipping carriers and they will provide you with a tool. Are you looking for the best freight forwarding company? Don’t forget to visit ecargo tracking

Insufficient Shipping Options 

Every customer loves free shipping. As per Big Commerce, make sure you affordably offering free shipping. This is why many business owners sometimes decide to provide their customers with free or cheaper shipping options. But keep in mind that cheaper shipping options won’t prove beneficial for your business all the time. Some customers value other aspects over the shipping cost. A customer might want to pay more so that they can receive their package faster. Package security, shorter delivery time, and guaranteed delivery are some features that will make customers happier. 

Business owners should be flexible while giving different shipping options to customers. Make sure you identify the factors that are most valued by your customers. 

You Don’t Automate the Shipping Process 

This is another common yet big mistake you need to avoid. Many business owners don’t understand the value of automation and therefore, they don’t implement automation in their shipping process. Due to technological advancements, you will find numerous online platforms that support shipping processes. You can also use different types of useful plug-ins that will help you automate the whole shipment packing as well as tasks. 


These are the most common shipping mistakes you should avoid. Don’t forget to contact us if you need our assistance. 

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