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What are the most expensive luxury watch brands in the world?

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You don’t have to be an avid watch admirer, or a collector of great watches, to appreciate the craftsmanship and intricate beauty of a high-quality timepiece. From antique heirlooms to the refined finesse of luxury brands’ newest collections, owning a luxury watch is as much investment of time and care as it is a financial investment – but the returns can be lucrative and can present the boost of confidence that comes from owning something functional and aesthetically stylish.

With that said, and with our knowledge of the luxury accessories, watches, and jewellery market, what are the most expensive and highly coveted watch brands out there – and which ones are worth investing in?

Why are some watch brands so expensive?

The fact is that watches are no longer simply functional accessories – they have become part of a luxury corner of the investment market; one which sees the finest materials brought together by the best craftsmen, under the guidance of top designers and intricate band details.

Diamonds, gold, platinum, and exquisite details all come together to create timepieces which do a lot more than just tell the time – making a stylish statement while boasting a multitude of other functions depending on the brand and collection.

Rolex, for example, is one of the most recognisable luxury watch brands in the world and has a series of collections each with their own target demographic and user function. From race car watches to diving watches, everything from the look and build to the final design is influenced by its core function – which only adds to the coveted status of the watch and every model within its collection.

With that said, and with Rolex leading the way as one of the leading luxury watch brands in the world, what other brands sit up there as some of the best and most valuable?

What are some of the most expensive luxury watch brands on the market?


Our exploration of the most expensive luxury watch brands starts with arguably the most famous – with every accessory investment buyer owning or coveting at least one Rolex brand. The Daytona is recognised as perhaps the most popular model; however, Rolex boasts a plethora of collections which sell for tens of thousands of dollars – with demand always far outweighing supply.

In a study of the most expensive watches in the world by Luxe Digital in 2021, Rolex pieces appeared twice in the top 20 models.

Patek Philippe

Another brand that we admire is Patek Philippe – and if you thought the rep sheet of Rolex was impressive with two out of twenty of the world’s most expensive models, then you must not be familiar with this coveted brand. In that same list, Patek Philippe appears eleven times – making it not only one of the oldest watch brands in the world but also one of the most prominent in terms of investment value and price tag.

The resale value of every Patek Philippe model far outweighs any other brand.

Other notable brands…

Richard Mille – Incredibly complex and intricate in their detailing, every Richard Mille watch celebrates innovative technology and the balance of timeless style with industry-leading functions and features.

Audemars Piguet – Simple styles and classic colour palettes make this brand a go-to for the traditional watch enthusiasts.

Which brands offer the best investment potential?

While Rolex holds the kind of market notoriety which means any and every model will always sell out in seconds, with a constant wait list ensuring that demand is always much higher than supply thus driving the value of every watch skywards, you cannot go wrong with a Patek Philippe in terms of investment value.

Each luxury brand mentioned in this piece boasts its own incredible value in terms of ownership and investment potential, but this list is nowhere near exhaustive. Just be sure that when seeking or buying a luxury and high-value watch, you always buy from a reputable company that has official authenticity certificates attached to each timepiece they sell.

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