How do I troubleshoot a Canon printer error code 306

troubleshoot a Canon

“Communication is the key, as fast as electronic commands are processed.” If there is a lack of communication between the printer and other equipment, the connection of the printer device is connected. ”Which is where the most computer error occurs?

A Canon printer is a popular choice among many. However, errors are common if you are using it. Though there are many possible errors, we’re discussing error code 306 and its troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. Since Canon printer troubleshooting is the first step to fixing any error code, this guide will point you in the right direction. To solve any sort of error, you must take careful steps and opt for a tried & tested approach.

What is a Canon Printer 306 error?

Error 306 is an error that occurs primarily because of the Canon printer 306 error. If you don’t fix the issue, this may cause serious errors. It allows a slow technique for the printer. These sorts of mistakes usually result in 306 errors.

Let’s understand the root cause of the error |why it happens 

This error usually happens because of a lack of communication with the machine. Setup, plug-in, and installation are the key steps, so whenever this error happens, check these things in tandem. It’s quite obvious— how to fix this error? And you have a better reason to take immediate steps and keep the printer in working mode. To fix Canon printer problems, you should interpret and do some studying so you can continue working with zero hassles. 

Let’s know how to fix the Canon Printer error. 

  1. Go and Click the Icon

You must see an Apple icon, and you’ll see this on the left-hand side. Now you should click on the icon to proceed to the next step

  1. See Preferences

Now find the system preference and need to click. The choice of preference will move to the next step

  1. Fax and Print

Now press the button that says “Print and Fax.” This opens the door to the final step, and you should click to be done last.

  1. Last Step

In the last step, if the padlock is closed, then it should be locked. Plz click on it, give the password, and click OK. Now click on the button to remove the Canon printer. Now you need to click on the plus button to add the Canon printer again and set the default option. So these are the steps to fix Canon printer troubleshooting.

Canon support code 306 occurs in printers installed on computers that use the Mac system, the computer error appears usually in the form of 10.6.2 and 306 printer error. 

As we know, there is a lack of communication between the printer and the equipment, so we must verify the connection of the printer connected to the computer and try printing again.

The possible solution is to go to the printer and fax Apple system preferences. It appears to be all installed and ready to configure printers. Now select the printer that is presenting the problem and a right-click.

  • Click the Apple symbol in the upper left of the screen.
  • Click System Preferences
  • Click printers and fax
  • If the padlock on the bottom left is locked, enter your password and unlock it.
  • Remove the printer by pressing the (-) and then add the printer again using the (+) button, leave this printer as the default again.
  • In case of problems with the configuration, type a comment in the section below.

Expert guidance: In case you skip the issue 306 error code, it may trigger some big Canon printer problems like a blue screen, warming the printers, and printer cartridge issues (which no user would want). So this is always a smart practice if you resolve error code 306 troubleshooting with conviction. The faster you resolve the issue, the fewer problems you’ll have.
If you face such errors, it is important to take immediate action and speak with experts to ensure that your printer will start working normally. After all, the printing job is the most pleasing sight for you. 

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