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What are the Types of Cream Chargers & How to Choose the Right One?

What are Cream Chargers

A cream charger or cartridge is a portable cylinder filled with food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O). Cream chargers are also widely known as nangs in gold coast, Australia. They are commonly used to create delicious whipped cream that enhances the taste of desserts. Despite this, quality whip cream chargers make garnishing and completing big orders of cream treats effortlessly for home cooks and chefs.

Whip cream chargers cannot be used alone, the correct way to create a creamy whip cream is to charge a whip cream dispenser by holding the charger. In addition, each nitrous oxide canister provides enough charge to create up to 0.5 liters of your delicious whipped cream, sauces, or foams. 

Generally, nitrogen oxide chargers are used in coffee shops, restaurants, and homes for lower usage. However, it is important to note that the capacity of the cream charger can be varied in different types and sizes. 

Various Types and Sizes of Cream Chargers

In order to meet your specific needs, cream chargers are available in various types and sizes. The following are different types and sizes of cream chargers that are easy to available in the market. Have a look!

Mini Cream Chargers: 2g to 4g Cream Chargers

There are mini versions of whip cream chargers, each of which contains 2-4 grams of nitrous oxide gas. They are designed for small applications and are compatible with specific mini whipped cream dispensers. Due to their lack of benefits, mini or small whip cream chargers are rare to find.

Standard or Regular Cream Chargers: 8.2g Cream Chargers

N2O chargers are generally available in the standard 8.2g cylinder size from online vendors and are compatible with most typical whipped cream dispensers. These smaller N2O cylinders are often cheaper than the extra larger canisters, but they don’t provide enough nitrous oxide to top off. If you are looking for a SkyWhip or SupremeWhip 8.2g cream charger online, Nangs Gold Coast has your back. Get fast nangs delivery right away.

Larger Cream Chargers – 24g to 32g Cream Charger

Another best-selling cream chargers in gold coast are larger cream chargers. 

These chargers are also filled with nitrous oxide gas, but they have a larger capacity compared to standard chargers. They are generally available in 24-gram or 32-gram sizes and are used when a larger volume of whipped cream is required.

Extra Larger Cream Chargers – 580g  or 2048g Cream Charger 

This is an extra-large cream charger that contains more nitrous oxide than a typical 8g canister. The 580-gram and 2048-gram cream charger cylinders are specially designed for making nitrous flavor infusions and drinks. These cartridges contain 580 grams (0.95 liters) of food-grade nitrous oxide. Whether you’re looking for an Infusion Whip 580g blueberry-mango flavor canister or a LuxWhip 3L 2048g cream charger canister, Nangs Delivery Goldcoast has what you need.

How to Buy the Right Cream Charger?

Buying the right cream charger requires a precise understanding of whipped cream chargers. The following are some quick tips to keep in mind while purchasing cream chargers online and offline. 

– Understand your cream charger needs.

– Find the appropriate size of the cream charger and whip cream dispenser for the effortless whipped cream-making process. 

– Make sure to buy cream chargers online from reputable nang product suppliers. 

– Compare prices to get the best deals on cream chargers & dispensers

– Ensure that cream chargers are made of food-grade stainless steel materials. 

– Before using the cream chargers, carefully read and follow the given instructions to get desired outcomes.


Are you looking for high-quality cream chargers and whip cream dispensers? Nangs Delivery Gold Coast is here to help. Nangs Delivery Gold Coast has been delivering high-quality nang products in Gold Coast, Australia, for a long time.  Our team at Nangs delivery gold coast is dedicated to assisting you in finding cream chargers that fit your culinary requirements. So, without further ado, check out the various types of cream chargers and add the perfect one to your cart right away. 

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