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What Are the Types of Hangers for a Fashion Store?

If you own a fashion store and are looking for tips to organize your store efficiently, you’ve come to the right place! Properly organizing clothes is essential to creating a friendly customer experience and facilitating sales. One of the most important tools in this regard is hangers. In this article, we will explore the different types of hangers available and help you choose the ideal one for each clothing model and profile of your store.

We hope this article provides the information you need to choose the ideal hangers to organize your fashion store and improve customer experience. Feel free to explore each type of hanger and make the most of its features to achieve efficient and attractive organization in your store.

Top 6 Types of Hangers Suitable for a Fashion Store

1. Wooden Hangers: Durability and Elegance for an Impeccable Store

Wooden hangers are a classic and elegant choice for stores with a boutique, premium, or formal attire profile. They offer exceptional durability, ensuring that heavier garments such as coats, suits, and bulkier dresses are adequately supported. Furthermore, wood’s natural and sophisticated aesthetic adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the value of the product on display.

Wooden hangers are ideal for situations where you want to convey a sense of luxury and sophistication. Due to their greater volume, a valuable tip for using them is to avoid overloading the rack with too many products.

2. Acrylic Hangers: Transparency and Elegance for your Fashion Store

Acrylic hangers are a modern and sophisticated option for organizing your store. With their crystal-clear transparency, these clothes hangers allow clothing to be the highlight, providing an elegant and professional presentation. They highlight the beauty and details of clothes, allowing customers to appreciate the colours, prints, and textures.

Acrylic hangers are suitable for a wide range of clothing, from T-shirts and blouses to dresses and coats. They can be used in women’s, men’s, or children’s fashion stores and adapt to different styles and sizes of clothing.

An advantage of acrylic hangers is that they can be combined with other types, such as wooden, metal or velvet, to create a visually exciting display. This combination of materials can highlight different sections or categories of clothing in your store, creating a unique atmosphere.

3. Plastic Hangers: Versatility and Economy for Practical Organization

Plastic hangers are versatile and economical for organizing lightweight clothing such as t-shirts, blouses and skirts. They are light and easy to handle. They are also available in various colours and styles, allowing you to choose options that match your store’s visual identity.

Plastic hangers are ideal for situations where you need to save money or communicate that your product is affordable to the customer. They are recommended for popular product stores.

4. Metal Hangers: Resistance and Modernity for a Contemporary Store

Metal hangers are known for their durability and strength, as they offer solid support for hanging pants, shorts and skirts, making them especially suitable for pieces that need to maintain their original shape. Many metal hangers come equipped with non-slip tabs or bars, which prevent clothes from slipping or getting wrinkled.

In addition to their functionality, metal hangers also have a modern, industrial look, making them ideal for stores with a contemporary or minimalist style.

5. Velvet Hangers: Elegance and Standout to Enhance Your Pieces

Velvet hangers are a luxurious option for highlighting your garments. The velvety-soft velvet lining prevents clothes from slipping, keeping them securely in place. Plus, the elegant and sophisticated look of velvet hangers adds a touch of luxury to your display space. These clothes hangers are ideal for blouses, light dresses, and delicate pieces that deserve special treatment.

By hanging your clothes on velvet hangers, you create a luxurious store environment that enhances each piece and attracts customers’ eyes. They are ideal for boutiques and premium stores with various products.

6. Silicone Hangers: Flexibility and Grip for Versatile Organization

Silicone hangers are an innovative and versatile option for organizing your fashion store. They are flexible, which means they can adapt to different clothing shapes, providing personalized support.

Furthermore, the silicone material is non-slip, ensuring that clothes stay in place, even the most slippery ones. Silicone hangers are ideal for various clothing, from sportswear to delicate fabric items. They are also stain and odour-resistant, providing a durable, high-quality solution for your store organization. They are suitable for fitness fashion stores, boutiques, and contemporary stores.


Choosing suitable hangers for your fashion store means you have invested in an efficient and attractive organization. Combining these different types of hangers also lets you create an organized, attractive, and functional environment that will delight your customers and improve your sales. So, order your choice of clothes hanger today at Valentino!

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