What Can Be the Most Fun-Loving Games For Your Pet?

Keeping your pet dog active is very important, and the various games related to your pet dog will play a very important part in improving the activeness of your dog. You and your dog will have great fun with some of the amazing game options. If you are unsure about the best game options for your dog, below are some of them you can go for.

Flirt Pole Usage

If you want to keep your dog physically and mentally active, you can use a flirt pole to do the same. If your dog has high energy, then this game is very much useful to him or her because once he or she completes one session, it will make him or her tired.

It is a long pole with which a rope is added at the end. There will be a lure at the end of that rope, enticing the dog to chase. With the help of the flirt pole, you will give your pet dog a great opportunity to exercise. They will also stimulate mentally.

You will be able to grow the ability to drive into the natural prey, and it will also improve the impulsive control of the dog because he or she will start listening to your instructions more. When you are playing this game with your dog, you should allow him or her sometimes to win the lure so that he or she becomes happy by receiving the reward. It will keep him or her more interested in playing the game. Purchasing flirt poles is very easy online.

Tug of War

Tug of war is another enjoyable game you can play, making your dog a companion. If you are searching for a game option that will allow your dog to exercise heavily and keep him or her engaged, this game will be a great option.

Once your dog’s teeth reach your hand, the game will stop. Your dog, especially if he or she is a puppy, will get riled up a lot while playing this game. Once their mouth reaches your hand, you should stop the game. This game is again helpful for the impulse control of your dog. You can give a tug toy to your dog as a reward which will make him or her more encouraged.


Frisbee can be considered a very good game for your pet dog because it will allow your pet to exercise for longer periods. He will chase long distances in this game, which will be great fun for him or her. You can start with a soft disc if your pet has no idea about the game. If you go for plastic frisbees, those are very hard, and they may hurt your dog accidentally.

It will discourage your dog from playing the game again. You can first throw the disc at smaller distances to make your dog engaged with the game and feel more interested. Once the interest grows, you can throw the disk to a longer distance.

Creating Your Course of Agility

Creating your course of agility can be another exciting game option for pets. Your dog can teach the dogs some of the latest tricks. Your pet’s mental stimulation will also get improved by this game. This game is going to provide you with both physical and mental exercise.

You can go to your pet toy shop to purchase the obstacles, but if you want, you can also arrange those at home. You can arrange for a hula hoop or blankets which your pet dog must jump over. For weaving through, you can keep some cones. You can create your agility equipment as per necessity.

When creating your course of agility, you can take the help of the invisible fence because it will keep your pet within the premises, and you will be able to control your dog much better.

Kong Stuffing

Kong stuffing can be an extremely fun game for your dog. The normal scavenging ability of the dog will get improved by this game. It will also improve your mental stimulation. You can stuff the Kong with a few healthy foods for your dog.

When you need to go to work in the morning, you can offer the dog the best quality Kong, and he or she will feel interested in the same. Once you fill the Kong with the stuff, then make your dog engage in playing with the same. Once the food comes out, the dog will become extremely happy and excited.

Chasing Bubbles

It will be one of your pet’s most interesting and fun-filling games if you can train your dog to chase the bubbles. If your dog has no idea about this game, you can create a couple of bubbles and then you should point them out.

They need to get those bubbles before the bubbles fall on the ground. You can use the bubbles which are made for the kids. You will find some of the flavoured bubbles prepared for the pet dogs. Though those are non-toxic, they can harm their stomach if they eat the same too much.

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