What Can Custom Orthotics Do For You?

Your body greatly suffers when you don’t take adequate care of your feet. From low arches and plantar fasciitis to neuromas, not having properly supported feet will mean putting extra strain on your upper body. Most types of knee pain, hip and lower back pain, and even random leg pains all originate from your feet!

The best option for combating pain and achieving natural pain relief is through orthotics. Though available off-the-shelf, custom orthotics are a much better and safer option for helping properly realign your spine. Also read about: What are Arch Supports

Get Better Foot Support

Most people aren’t aware that their feet are one of the most complex parts of their bodies. They contain no less than over 100 muscles and 26 bones that all require special attention considering they bear the brunt of your weight.

Fully custom support orthotics are the only true way of providing the necessary support your feet require on an ongoing basis. By having insoles that are customized and molded to your feet, they hug your curves and cradle your feet to evenly disperse your weight. Orthotic Shop is designed with a very supportive and comfortable footbed which is usually recommended for foot ailments.

Get Better Comfort With Custom Options

Custom orthotics aren’t just extra supportive, but they provide enhanced comfort when worn for longer periods of time. As they’re constructed to accommodate your specific foot structure, they have the ability to offer optimum comfort for many hours on end.

Reduce Your Pain Levels

Though there are some reasonably priced readily made orthotics available in-stores, it’s worth taking into consideration that they don’t offer the same amount of support as custom insoles do. They aren’t manufactured to fit your needs or to address your kind of foot problems. Even clinical studies have shown conclusive evidence that custom orthotics are able to offer enhanced support while greatly reducing foot pain.

The National Center for Biotechnology, for example, released a quick study consisting of 21 participants all suffering from the patellofemoral syndrome, which is the most common form of knee pain. For most of the study participants, custom orthotics were able to greatly reduce knee pain and flexibility while eliminating the need for painful surgery.

Properly Correct Pronation

Collapsed arches often lead to pronation which means your ankles roll inward when you walk. This can often cause undue stress for your hips, lower back, knees, and of course, your feet! Pronation also increases your chances of suffering a knee injury if you’re highly active. The only way to properly combat this problem is by opting for custom orthotics. These types of orthotics are able to offer proper arch support and protect you against further injury in the future.

Appropriate Correction For Supination

Much like pronation, supination actually causes your body to fall out of alignment as your ankles roll outward due to your collapsed arches. Custom orthotics are the only way to appropriately realign your body as they allow your feet to rest in their anatomically correct positions. Unfortunately, retail insoles don’t offer the same level of support because they aren’t made to accommodate your specific foot problems.

Enhance Your Athletic Performance

If you lead an active lifestyle, having properly supported feet can help enhance your athletic performance. These orthotics can greatly lower your risk of injury while allowing you to jump higher thanks to proper body alignment.

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