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What Can I Do to Cover a Bald Spot on My Head?

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Bald spots sometimes referred to as alopecia, are the effects of hair loss which cause bald patches. Bald spots are caused when the immune system attacks the hair follicles. One of the reasons this may happen is due to stress. Are you suffering from bald spots? Are you trying to find a lasting solution to this uncomfortable disease? Your questions will be answered and solutions will be provided in the subsequent paragraphs. 

Bald spots can happen to anyone, be it men or women. Although bald spots affect more men than women, a third of women are still affected by bald spots. Hair loss majorly affects the confidence of those affected by it. This is why people are always looking for remedies and solutions to treat the disease. 

How to Cover up Bald Spots

A bald spot can damage one’s self-esteem especially when it is obvious and draws attention. In the paragraphs below, we discuss methods to cover bald spots. These methods vary and they all make sure that the bald spots do not seem obvious to people. 

  1. Use of HairBuilding Fibers 

Hair building fibers are one of the best ways to conceal bald spots as they can come in the form of hair fiber spray or in powdered form. Hair fibers include keratin protein which sticks to your hair. It is able to stick due to the static electricity contained in the fibers. The fibers are positively charged while the natural human hair is negatively charged. The opposite charges attract which gives it a thick and full appearance. They are very easy to apply as you can just use the fiber hair spray on the affected region. They come in various colors such as black and medium brown. You can use it to cover the color difference between hair and scalp. It can also be used to add more body to your hair. 

  1. Use of Touch-Up Spray

A root touch up spray is a product used to cover up grown-out roots and bald spots by using temporary colors. Before applying root touch up on the hair, shake the spray can then apply the spray 6 inches away from the affected area. Another thing to consider is the spray color for the hair roots. The spray hair color must be similar to the natural hair so as not to draw attention to the touched up area. When in doubt about choosing colors, go for the lighter one. Good root touch up sprays should last a full day without wearing out. 

  1. Use of Cover Up Spray 

These sprays are usually confused with root touch up sprays. The difference between them is that root cover up sprays last longer than touch up sprays. They can be used to temporarily conceal bald spots. The right color grade is also very important when using root cover up sprays. Shake the spray before applying, then spray 6 inches away from the bald spot. This product should last till the next time you decide to color touch up your hair. 

  1. Use of Cover Up Powder

If you do not like the root cover spray, then a root cover up powder is a very much welcome alternative. It works just as efficiently as a root cover up spray. You pick a root color scheme similar to your hair color and apply on the bald spot. It is popularly used for gray hair cover up.

 It should last till your next touch up appointment at the salon. Ensure that the texture of the powder works well with your hair type. 

  1. Use a Hair Wig or Piece

This is a very good substitute for hair root spray. The use of bandanas or even scarves is a convenient method to cover bald spots. You can look rather dashing in them without worrying about your bald spot being seen. Hair wigs can also be attached to existing hair to give it a better look. This would cover the sensitive bald spots.

  1. Change Hairstyle 

Some hairstyles expose your bald spots for everyone to see while some do a better job concealing them. Finding the right hairstyle to cover your bald spot could take some experimenting so discuss it with your hairstylist. A tip would be to part your hair to the side to cover a side that has a bald spot. Another trick you can try is to blow dry your hair to give it a much-needed lift.

  1. Use a Hat or Cap

This can be a very handy option especially if you have to go out as an emergency. With a hat, no one wonders what could be underneath. This is a sure way to hide your bald spot. You can invest in adding a few hats and caps to your wardrobe so you do not have to wear the same one all the time. It is a good option if the bald spot is temporary. 

  1. Hair Transplant 

If you are tired of using hair root sprays or hair root powders, a much more permanent alternative is available. A hair transplant is a procedure that involves surgery. It entails getting hair follicles from a part of your body that has hairs and moving those follicles to the balding spot areas. Once that area has healed fully, hair growth occurs in that area. It is an expensive option to go for. However, speak with the surgeon to know the full details if you plan to go ahead with this option. 

  1. Scalp Micropigmentation

This option is a more permanent solution than spray hair fibers and root cover ups. It involves permanently tattooing dots in the affected area to create the illusion of hair. If the bald spot is not so big, it can be an effective strategy to cover the spot. After the process, one must avoid sunlight for a month as well as swimming and saunas. It would be advisable to exhaust all possible options before trying this out due to its permanent effect. There have been a lot of regrets about this method.  

What Causes Hair Loss and Bald Spots?

Now that we discussed  how to cover and treat bald spots, you should know what could cause it. There are many beliefs about what could be the cause of hair loss. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Hereditary

If there is a history of bald spots in the family, you are very likely to experience it too. Your genetics affect how old you are when you start to lose hair. Your genes also affect how fast you lose your hair. Finally, it dictates the extent of your hair loss and baldness.

  1. Hormonal Fluctuations

This is especially common in women over 50 undergoing menopause. Excess hormones like androgens weaken the hair follicles, thereby causing bald spots. Another case of hormonal fluctuations is in the use of the birth control pill.

  1. Pregnancy

It is very common for women to start losing hair and seeing bald spots when postpartum. Over 40% of women experience hair loss and bald spots after giving birth. It is also very noticeable along the hairline. It is usually temporary as your hair follicles regain strength as you regain strength. A tip used by women experiencing hair loss due to childbirth is to use a root cover up product. This would conceal the bald patch and reduce questions asked by strangers. 

  1. Medication

Some medications cause bald spots and hair loss; a popular one is chemotherapy drugs. A drug with too much vitamin A also causes bald spots. Those drugs are called retinoids. The bald spots and hair loss are temporary, and once you stop using the drugs, your hair should go back to normal. 

  1. Nutrition Deficiency

A lack of nutrients essential to hair growth can lead to hair loss as well as bald spots. Some of those nutrients include zinc, iron and protein. Protein is a body-building food and is also essential to hair growth. Although supplements can be used if a deficiency has been diagnosed, a doctor’s approval is required before buying supplements from the pharmacy. 


  • Bald spots do not need to stop you from seeing the whole world. There are various ways to hide your bald spots as discussed above. A lot of things are considered when choosing one of these methods. 
  • Some are more comfortable with a method that has to be implemented daily. Others prefer a method that takes several weeks such as root cover up spray. Some would choose a more permanent option like a hair transplant or pigmentation.
  • A hat or headpiece is a much cheaper alternative than buying hair products to conceal your bald spots. It depends on how much you are willing to spend and how comfortable you are with the option. 
  • If you would be actively going to work a lot, you would choose a more professional option like a better hairstyle to conceal the spot. One could also be using root hair spray products to hide the bald spots from co-workers. If you are just looking to buy something outside, a cap is a much more comfortable and quicker option.


Although bald spots have no cure, there are multiple ways to treat them. There are also ways to conceal the spots if you fear embarrassment. This article offers you various alternatives to pick from. I hope you find a method that works for you and gives you the confidence to go about your day without feeling too self-conscious about the bald spots.

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