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What cryptocurrency should I choose to invest in 2022?

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You can make a lot of money by investing in cryptocurrencies. Or you can earn nothing and lose part of the invested funds. It’s no secret to everyone that investing in cryptocurrencies is a risk. Some digital assets often show their volatility. When investing, it is important to consider possible risks. It is equally important to decide which cryptocurrency to invest in. You can buy cryptocurrency at a crypto aggregator. What will help determine the right cryptocurrency to invest in?

White Paper

Every owner or team that has created a digital asset publishes a White Paper before launching the coin onto the market. In it, the creator presents all the advantages of the project, provides a roadmap for development, and reveals the purpose of the emergence and existence of the project. 

The White Paper should be read carefully. But remember that you do not have to believe everything. After some time, the integrity of the project can be judged. 

Project News

It is also worth noting how information about the project is distributed, whether it is published in the media, etc. What does this point draw attention to? The interest of the project team in the development of their coin If they pay attention to the dissemination of information about their coin, it is a big plus.

What is a particular coin for?

Pay special attention to this point. Nowadays, those assets that are equipped with useful functionality for the outside world have a chance to grow.

A limited quantity of coins are for sale

The fewer coins on the market, the higher the price of a coin. Owners of some projects are burning coins, which results in a smaller number of coins in the market, thus increasing the value of their asset.

With these points, it will be easier to understand which project is more suitable for investment. Also, make sure to read up on crypto news and the latest developments in the business. 

Cryptocurrencies you should pay attention to


A meme coin was created on the Ethereum blockchain. Its price rose this year due to its unique ecosystem and the image on the coin of a Japanese dog breed that became a meme. Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi announced recently that Shiba Inu is about to be mass-burned, which is definitely positive news for investors. 

This move will prepare the network for a major project, namely the Shiba Inu Core Devs team is working on a Shiba Inu meta-universe called Oshiverse. This is great news, so I think this cryptocurrency is worth paying attention to.

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The first cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization and the most sought after by investors. The total volume of BTC is limited and will not exceed 21,000,000 million coins. This suggests that the price of bitcoin will grow. Information about the current exchange rate is available on the website https://alligat0r.com/coin-pairs/bcd/usdt/info


The second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, It is the basis for a smart contract. ERC-20 is the basis of many tokens. Without a doubt, it is a promising coin.


It is a fast-growing blockchain platform. This cryptocurrency is popular among investors. Cardano allows the creation of smart contracts, decentralized applications, as well as receiving and sending funds with minimal commissions. The project team is very busy promoting the cryptocurrency, and it is natural that it has growth prospects.


A cryptocurrency designed as an alternative to BTC with a focus on secure, instant, and minimal cross-border payments. The cryptocurrency now has great credibility among large financial companies, so we can assume that interest in XRP will not fade, but rather grow.

Don’t forget, before you invest your money, weigh everything carefully. Based only on your own analysis and experience.

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