What Does Compass Recovery Do How to Activate it?

You can find out more about How does Compass Recovery work and where to activate it.

Did you know there were new stands in Minecraft? The 1.19v update was released for the Bedrock Edition on 7th-June-2022. This update is commonly known as The Wild Update in Canada or the United States and the United Kingdom. It is available on Windows, Android and iOS as well as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, macOS and Linux.

Don’t wait! You can download the update below and read What does Compass Recovery do.

About Recovery Comppass:

The Recovery Compass is a brand new tool in Minecraft’s latest version. Recovery Compass helps you find your old loot location so that you can retrieve looted items you left behind when you died. It is an important device in case the player dies frequently in the game or at an unusual place.

How to Activate it?

The Recovery Compass is activated while you are holding it, or while on the Hotbar. To locate What Does A Recovery Compass Do In Minecraft, the player must hold the Recovery Compass. It will point in the same direction as the last time the player died. To find the location, the player will need to follow the pointer.

There are certain conditions you must meet first. You can take this example:

  1. The player should be in the exact same dimension where he has died before.
  2. If the compass spins continually, it is a sign that the player has entered a different dimension.
  3. If the player loses his quest to find the final location, the compass will point him towards his current place of reincarnation.
  4. Only the snapshots area can access the Recovery Compass.

Experience Compass Recovery Does 

The ‘Curse Of Vanishing,’ the only enchantment that can be applied to the recovery compass is the Curse Of Vanishing.

Finding Recovery Guide:

To get Echo Shard, the player must travel into the Ancient City. The Ancient City is a new area within a deep dark Biome. There are many unique blocks within the Biome including Skull Catalyst Skull Shrieked Skull Sensor and Skull Vein.

The only crafting method for creating the Recovery Compass, and finding out How Does Compass Recovery Work is to use the ‘Compass in the Eight Echo Shard’.

Recovery Compass searches for the last place where the player was killed. It is the primary goal of the Recovery Compass.


A Chest with Echo Shard hidden is located in the middle of the Ancient City, which contains Wool Blocks and Deep Slate. With 500 health points, a warden from the ancient city begins attacking the player through smell and sound. If Skullshrieked is activated three times, vibration/sound will be created. It will be difficult to obtain the Recovery compass.

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