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What does it mean to vortex water?

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Without a doubt, water is one of the most important resources to humans. Quality clean water can provide you with endless benefits such as healthy functioning organs, shinier hair, brighter skin, and improved metabolism among other benefits. 

Many don’t know that not all clean water offers the same type of benefits, differently purified or treated water gives varied prosperities to the body. A perfect example of this is something known as vortex water, which is not merely clean water but has added health benefits for you and your household. This is due to the fact that vortex water has more vitality, thus is able to offer you more than other types of treated water. 

So what exactly is this vortex water? We’ll tell you all about it – let’s get into what vortex water is, how it works, and just why it is so beneficial to you! 

Is vortex water structured water?

Vortex water is also widely known as structured water, so yes, it is the one and the same. Vortex water is a type of water that has a molecular arrangement found in mineral waters in nature, let’s dive deeper into this.

Structured water, chemically speaking, is just the same type of H₂O, but what gives it the added essential benefits is its molecular structure. The difference lies in the special treatment that it goes through to restore its micro-clustered molecular structure, giving water more vitality and increased health benefits. 

Structured water molecules are arranged in hexagonal micro-clusters. This hexagonal structure allows water to retain its properties such as continuous self-cleaning, increased hydration, balanced pH, and dissolved oxygen levels. Structured water is a form of water that’s found in nature; in mountain springs and glaciers melts among untouched water sources. That being said, it is also possible for the natural structure to not be present in untouched water sources too, this is due to the rapture in water’s natural movement. 

As we know, water can take on more positive or negative properties depending on the environment it is put through. Hence, if it goes through an environment that does not offer it the exact flow form needed, it loses its coveted molecular structure. 

How does vortex water work?

As mentioned above, water found in untouched sources such as mountain springs and glacier melts has a hexagonal molecular structure. This structure dissipates once the water goes through unnatural processes such as pressurizing, adding chemicals, and pumping it through pipes. To restore its abilities and the micro-clustered molecular arrangement, it goes through a movement process known as the vortex treatment. 

Vortex treatment is based on mimicking the natural flow and movement of the water found in mountain springs and other untouched water sources. This has found that putting water through the same flow as it would go through in nature allows it to restore the hexagonal molecular structure and reaps its natural benefits.

This idea was first introduced by Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian scientist and inventor. His observations found that continuous movement and flow of water allowed it to retain its astonishing capabilities. Once water is taken out of its natural habitat, it loses the said benefits. However, by replicating the continuous vortex movement as Viktor Schauberger has found, water’s natural molecular structure can be reestablished.  

Why is vortex water good for you?

We discussed what vortex water is and how it works, but what are the exact benefits that vortex water has to offer?

Let’s focus on some of the most prominent advantages of using vortex water below: 

Eliminated Bacteria 

With restored structure, water regains its self-cleaning capabilities. This not only eliminates and removes all the unwanted bacteria and contaminants but also ensures that no essential minerals are lost. With continuous self-cleaning, water becomes more robust against all the bacteria and viruses that could be present in the water, making it even cleaner. 

This is also useful around your home, where unpleasant odors found in rugs or washcloths will be eliminated, as bacteria in water will be removed before it has the chance to grow.

Optimal Hydration

The hexagonal micro-clustered molecular structure present in water enables it to penetrate deeper into our body, allowing for more effective absorption. This leads to instant hydration, allowing cells to get sufficient water and stay hydrated, permitting cells to perform at their peak. Such intense hydration leads to better functioning organs and a healthier body. 

Easy absorption of water makes drinking it more pleasurable, where large volumes of water intake do not lead to bloating or heavy feeling around the stomach. You can easily reach your daily water intake without feeling bloated. 

Restored Natural pH Levels 

Due to the numerous treatments that water goes through, a lot of the time the pH balance gets skewed; becoming either too alkaline or too acidic. This can cause problems such as disruption to the body’s metabolism, corrosion around the pipes and appliances, staining around the water sources, and more. The revitalized molecular structure also restores the balance of the pH levels, which creates the optimal levels of 6.8-7.2 – eliminating all issues.  

Improved Bodily Functions

Thanks to its superior self-cleaning ability, balanced pH, and instant hydration, vortex water enhances your bodily functions. Vortex water aids in improving metabolism as well as ridding your body of toxins. 

What’s more, as vortex water is naturally softer, it can improve your skin’s hydration as well. Many report that showering with vortex water improved their dehydrated or irritated skin and scalp, as well as enhanced the quality, look, and feel of their hair. 

Reduced Home Maintenance 

Hard water or water that has excess amounts of chlorine and minerals can lead to quite some maintenance trouble around the house. There are frequent issues such as corrosion, staining, or build-up around water sources such as sinks, showerheads, toilets, and more. This can be both tiresome and costly. Using vortex water eliminates such troubles, with its balanced pH levels and self-cleaning properties, such troubles will be part of the past. Vortex water not only keeps your home looking clean but also saves you maintenance headaches and fees.  

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ – Good For Your Health 

Vortex water sounds divine so far, it has more to offer than you could’ve imagined! But how do you get this type of water at home? Quite simply, the answer is The Vortex Water Revitalizer™

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ allows you to reap the benefits of the vortex water from your sink tap! With straightforward installation, you can have structured water in your home without excessive costs. This water treatment encapsulates all beliefs and teachings of Viktor Schauberger to bring you the best possible version of a vortex water treatment solution. 

The vortex treatment operates through the double spiral flow form to create powerful vortexing action, which in turn forms the hexagonal molecular structure. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of vortex water without having to leave your home. 

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ also offers you more benefits than all the ones mentioned above. 

  • Low maintenance costs – installation is for a lifetime, you won’t have to change or upkeep your Vortex Water Revitalizer. 
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty and 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Your satisfaction is always our priority. 
  • No excessive costs or hidden fees. We believe that clean and quality water should be accessible to all in their homes. 

Have a look at our product list to find the perfect The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ for you!  

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