What Games Should Any Good Online Casino In Canada Offer?

Canada is relaxing its strict regulation on gambling, allowing third-party casinos to operate in different provinces. So far the provinces of Alberta and Ontario have changed legislation and these changes have most likely paved the way for more provinces to follow suit. With this influx of new casinos come new players – players who don’t know what they’re looking for with casino games.

Whilst you can easily find out about the best online casinos Canada has to offer its players – from the games we’re about to mention to the different bonuses – if you want to look for yourself there are a few games you should definitely be on the lookout for. Here they are:

Online Slots

Online slots are a staple of any casino – whether it’s based in a real location or online. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an online casino that doesn’t have any slots at all. The secret is finding an online casino with the type of slots that will interest you! Here are some of the various types of slots you may find and what type of player suits them the best:

Classic slot games – These styles of online slot games are the simplest to play, coming with a small number of different paylines and easy-to-understand mechanics. These are perfect for if you’re brand new to slot games and will allow you to get a hang of how slots play.

Jackpot Progressive – Jackpot slots give you the chance to win life-changing amounts of money as the top prize can often be in the millions! They are a bit more intensive than your regular slots and often have slightly higher wagers needed to activate any sort of jackpot round. Progressives are great if you understand the general gameplay of slots and have a slightly bigger budget.

Megaways slots – This style of slot is the same as a classic slot except with hundreds or thousands of different ways to win. Some of these Megaways slots even come with over 100,000 different ways to win! You’ll often have to pick and choose how many paylines you want to play with, so they can be quite advanced to play.

Branded slots – If you have a favourite film, TV show or band then they may have a slot game! There’s a wide range of different branded slots, from 80’s tv shows like Knight Rider to WWE slot games. If you’re a fan of the show, then they may be worth checking out, although these branded machines often have a slightly lower chance of winning.

Live Casino Table Games

The one thing that has always been hard to capture with online casinos is the land-based casino experience – the atmosphere, the real dealers and the social aspect of it all. Live casino games changed all of that, allowing players to enjoy their favourite table games right in the comfort of their own homes.

The best Canadian online casinos will have loads of choice when it comes to live games – from live roulette and Baccarat to Blackjack, poker and more. They’ll also have different versions of all of these games, allowing for hours of live-dealing entertainment.

Game Show Style Live Games

One of the newest additions to online casinos is a spate of live games that take after well-known game show franchises. You’ve got games such as Wheel of Fortune and Higher or Lower as well as Monopoly and Dream Catcher. These are a great change of pace from the traditional games you can find and also more social, which many players find fun.

Blockchain Backed Games

Whilst mainly being used in the Crypto industry, Blockchain tech has helped develop some interesting games at Canadian online gambling sites. These include games like Crash, which sees you guessing when a rising multiplier will fall, which has been taking casinos by storm.

These blockchain games also allow you to independently verify any results, so you always know that you’re playing on a trustworthy site. These games can be quite hard to find though, as the technology

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