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Jack Ruby, born Jacob Leon Rubenstein, is a historical figure who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The controversy surrounding Ruby’s actions and his sudden death continue to fuel speculation, debate, and mystery.

What Happened to Jack Ruby? Jack Ruby’s name has become indelibly linked with one of the most extraordinary events in American history: Lee Harvey Oswald’s killing by Jack Ruby. Unanswered questions regarding Ruby and his motivations continue to spark great intrigue about his life today.

Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald

On November 24, 1963, Jack Ruby shot Oswald while being transferred from Dallas Police Headquarters. Oswald later succumbed to his injuries, prompting Ruby’s immediate arrest.

Trial and Conviction

Ruby was charged with first-degree murder and found guilty. Although initially sentenced to death, this decision was overturned on appeal; therefore a new trial appeared likely; unfortunately however due to Ruby’s declining health this never took place.

Death and Controversy

On January 3 1967, Jack Ruby succumbed to lung cancer compounded with pulmonary embolism, prompting various conspiracy theories including claims he may have been silenced to avoid appearing as a witness before courts.

How Did Jack Ruby Die?

The mystery surrounding Jack Ruby’s death has contributed to the intrigue of his story.

Diagnosis and Death

Ruby died as the result of lung cancer which spread to his brain and liver; unfortunately it was detected too late; thus leading to his untimely demise on January 3, 1967 at just 55 years of age.

Conspiracy Theories

Ruby’s death has generated considerable discussion. Some think he may have been administered cancer cells to silence him; while others view his demise as suspicious and possibly an attempt to control what might come out.

Who is Jack Ruby?

Understanding who Jack Ruby was sheds light on the complexity of his actions.

Early Life and Background

Jack Ruby was an American nightclub owner with alleged connections to the Chicago Outfit, a notorious organized crime group.

Role in JFK Assassination

Ruby’s act of killing Oswald led to various theories and speculations regarding his potential involvement in a broader conspiracy related to Kennedy’s assassination.

Jack Ruby’s Cause of Death

Jack Ruby died due to pulmonary embolism; however, due to cancer-related symptoms his health had been declining rapidly prior to this event.

Medical Condition

Ruby’s condition worsened while in prison, where he was diagnosed with cancer. The disease, along with the pulmonary embolism, led to his sudden death.


Ruby’s condition worsened while in prison and he was later diagnosed with cancer and an associated pulmonary embolism which eventually contributed to his untimely demise.


Jack Ruby remains one of the great puzzles of American history. From his sudden act of violence and subsequent legal proceedings, through to his untimely demise and unanswered questions regarding motivations for killing someone so close to home, those interested in uncovering this dark chapter remain transfixed by its mysteries. Be it seen as patriot, criminal or just an instrument in larger schemes; Ruby remains an emblematic representation of truth and justice and its complicated intersection.

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