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Fans of the popular ITV quiz show “The Chase” have been filled with concern following a mysterious ‘last day’ post by Jenny Ryan, affectionately known as The Vixen, on her Instagram page. The announcement has sparked speculation regarding her potential departure from the show, even as her followers showered her with unwavering support.

Who is Jenny Ryan?

Jenny Alexis Ryan, or The Vixen as she’s known to fans of “The Chase”, is a British quizzer and television personality, renowned for her impressive knowledge and quick wit on the show. Born on April 2nd, 1982, in Bolton, England, Ryan has been an integral part of “The Chase” since 2015, although her involvement stretches further back. She was a question writer for the show’s pilot episode in 2009, a role she earned through the recommendation of her fellow chaser, Anne Hegerty, with whom she had competed on quiz teams in the past.

Her Journey in “The Chase”

During a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, Jenny opened up about the tremendous effort required to remain competitive on “The Chase”. According to her, the chasers treat the quiz show “like a professional sport,” continually staying updated with current affairs and a wide range of topics. Dismissing speculation about chasers deliberately losing games out of pity for contestants, she insisted they always maintain their competitive spirit and aim to win each match.

On her Instagram account, she recently shared a collage of herself alongside her fellow chasers and the host Bradley Walsh. In the post, she encouraged fans to vote for their favorite show and stars in the 2023 National Television Awards (NTAs). This announcement, along with the words “last day”, fueled speculation about her potential departure from the show.

Fan Reaction and Support

Following her post, fans flooded her Instagram comments section with messages of support, voting enthusiastically for her and the show in the NTA awards. They praised her exceptional performances on the show and wished her continued success. As of now, no official information has been provided about any significant changes concerning Jenny Ryan’s status on “The Chase”. Fans remain hopeful and supportive during this uncertain time.

Other Endeavours

Beyond her role on “The Chase”, Jenny Ryan is also known for her singing talents. In 2019, she showcased her abilities on “The X Factor: Celebrity,” impressing both the judges and the audience. Despite facing some setbacks due to the pandemic, she plans to reignite her passion for music by hosting a cabaret show, “Jenny Ryan Presents: The Choose Love Variety Show,” on May 29th. This event, a celebration of her 40th birthday, will support the charity Choose Love, which aids refugees worldwide.

Uncertain Future

While fans anxiously await official updates regarding Jenny Ryan’s future on “The Chase,” they continue to support her wholeheartedly in her other endeavors. Whether she will remain a staple on the beloved quiz show or pursue new opportunities remains to be seen, but it is clear that whatever path she chooses, she will do so with the same dedication and brilliance she has always demonstrated.

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