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EastEnders is known for its gripping storylines and memorable characters, and Ruby Allen is no exception. The daughter of infamous gangster Johnny Allen and successful club owner, Ruby’s time on the show was marked by dramatic relationships, family conflicts, and business ventures. However, the character’s complex narrative took a significant turn leading to her departure from the BBC soap, making room for actress Louisa Lytton’s maternity leave.

The Downfall and Arrest of Ruby Allen

Ruby Allen’s latest storyline saw her engage in a deceitful act of vengeance against Stacey Slater, leading to an intense fallout and her eventual arrest.

Ruby’s Deception

Ruby’s narrative took a dark turn when she falsely accused Stacey of causing her miscarriage during a fall at the club, resulting in Stacey’s imprisonment. However, Jean Slater, Stacey’s mother, discovered the truth and was determined to clear her daughter’s name.

Ruby’s Arrest and Departure

The climax of this storyline resulted in Ruby reporting Jean’s illicit drugs farm to the police in a desperate bid to silence her. Yet, her husband, Martin, learned of her involvement, leading to a high-stakes confrontation where Ruby confessed her deceit. Consequently, Ruby was arrested, marking her downfall and eventual departure from EastEnders.

Louisa Lytton’s Departure and Future Plans

The drama surrounding Ruby Allen on EastEnders provided a fitting exit for actress Louisa Lytton, who left the show to embark on her maternity leave.

Maternity Leave and New Ventures

With the birth of her daughter, Lytton decided to take a step back from acting and focus on her new role as a mother. In addition, she embarked on a new venture, launching her own clothing brand “Aura Soul,” named after her daughter.

Uncertain Return

While Lytton’s performance as Ruby Allen left a significant impact on EastEnders, the actress has hinted she may not reprise her role in the immediate future. Balancing motherhood and her new business venture, Lytton’s return to the show remains uncertain. EastEnders fans will need to wait for an official announcement to confirm if Ruby Allen will return to Albert Square.

Ruby Allen’s Journey on EastEnders

Since her debut in 2005 and return in 2018, Ruby Allen became an integral part of EastEnders, weaving a complicated web of relationships and storylines.

Ruby’s Evolution

From her initial days as a troubled teenager to her eventual rise as a successful club owner, Ruby’s character experienced substantial growth and development. Her various relationships, family drama, and entrepreneurial ventures kept audiences captivated throughout her tenure on the show.

Ruby’s Exit and Potential Return

Ruby Allen’s arrest marked the end of her storyline in 2021, corresponding with Lytton’s maternity leave. While she is currently not part of the show’s ongoing narrative, fans eagerly await any news about her potential return.

In conclusion, Ruby Allen’s departure from EastEnders marked the end of an era for the soap opera. Despite Louisa Lytton’s focus on her new ventures and motherhood, her role as Ruby Allen continues to resonate with fans who eagerly await any news of her potential return to the show.

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