What Happened to Seventeen Seungkwan Get All the Details You Need Here!

SEVENTEEN’s member Boo Seungkwan, known as Seungkwan, is taking a temporary hiatus from group activities due to health concerns, announced his agency, Pledis Entertainment. The entertainment company has revealed that the singer has been advised by doctors to take ample rest for his health and well-being.

The Announcement from PLEDIS Entertainment

PLEDIS Entertainment made an official announcement concerning Seungkwan’s health and his decision to step away from group activities for the time being. Despite Seungkwan’s dedication to continue with his work, the agency has decided to follow the medical advice. This means Seungkwan won’t be able to attend the Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2023 and the “Follow” concert tour.

Pledis Entertainment’s Statement

Pledis Entertainment has also apologized to the fans of SEVENTEEN and Seungkwan, assuring them of the agency’s full support for the artist during his recovery period. This is not the first time Seungkwan has faced health concerns. Earlier, in April, he took a partial break from the group’s activities due to similar reasons.

Impact on the K-pop Industry

This news arrives during an emotional time for K-pop industry members, following Moonbin from boy band Astro’s death a short while prior – who was close with Seungkwan and also deceased himself a short while after. These events underscored the significance of both mental and physical wellbeing within this field of employment.

Reactions from the K-pop Community

Fans and the industry alike have shown support and understanding, expressing their well-wishes for Seungkwan. It is expected that the industry will continue to show the same understanding and support to Seungkwan during his absence, with all eyes focused on his well-being and recovery.


Despite Seungkwan’s absence, Seventeen will continue with their scheduled activities. The members of Seventeen, along with their fans, are eagerly awaiting Seungkwan’s return once he has fully recuperated.

Seungkwan’s Importance to SEVENTEEN

Seungkwan was an invaluable member of SEVENTEEN and will surely be missed by his colleagues and fans alike. With outstanding vocal capabilities and impressive stage presence, his exceptional contributions were vital components to their collective.

Prioritizing Health Over Activities

This instance further sheds light on the importance of prioritizing health over activities in the demanding world of K-pop. PLEDIS Entertainment’s decision to ensure Seungkwan’s well-being over his activities is commendable and sets a precedent for other agencies.

Health in K-pop Culture ###

K-pop industry artists often face demanding schedules that take an emotional toll, necessitating regular rest periods in between performing. Agencies must prioritize artists’ health by giving them enough rest time between commitments. This incident underscores this necessity.

Though his absence may be disappointing, we hold Seungkwan’s health in highest esteem and wish for its full recovery as soon as he’s ready to return. We wish him all of the best with any endeavor he undertakes!

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