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What Happens if Someone Sues You After a Car Accident

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Car accidents are shocking incidents, whether you caused the accident or are a victim. When you are an at-fault driver, the other party which has been affected can sue you and file a personal injury lawsuit against you. It may be wise to consult an auto accident lawyer in Sacramento to know your legal rights and protect them if you are sued for causing a car accident. 

In most cases, car accidents are resolved before the issue goes to court. Even the victim doesn’t file a lawsuit if the at-fault driver’s insurance company accepts the liability for the accident and is ready to pay the total amount of compensation funds for damages. 

Unfortunately, if someone sues you after a car accident, it can be highly stressful. Injuries and damages after a car accident can be expensive. . If the victim is being offered an unfair settlement, they have the right the sue you. If the insurer has denied the claim or refuses to agree to a fair settlement, the victim may have to file a lawsuit against the at-fault person. 

If you are sued after a car accident that you caused, you need to be aware of these things which we are going to cover in this blog:

Why Are You Facing a Lawsuit Against You? 

A person gets sued for several reasons, even if they carry car insurance. Here are the scenarios where you can get sued after a car accident. 

  • The insurance company refused to pay a fair settlement for the car accident. The victim can sue you to get fair compensation. 
  • The insurer decides to minimize the personal injury claim’s amount.  
  • If your insurance company considers the victim also slightly or partially responsible for the accident. This may make them reduce the amount of compensation paid to victims. The jury will decide what percentage of the fault was of the victim too. The insurance company may go to the court to declare comparative negligence claims. The victim may choose to sue you for the car accident in this case.
  • You can also be sued or file a lawsuit for personal injury coverage if your insurance company believes that it has a valid defense to the claim and the insurer goes to court. 
  • Your insurance company rejects the claim. This may make the victim sue you or file a lawsuit against you with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento.  

What Happens if You Get Sued After a Car Accident 

If you are sued and don’t have liability car insurance, you will be responsible for paying for the injuries and damages the victim has suffered. Many states don’t allow the victim to sue the insurer directly.

If you have insurance and the victim filed a complaint against you or sued you, you need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. 

Your insurer needs to provide you with the instructions for giving them a copy of the complaint filed against you. When you receive a lawsuit, you have a limited time to respond to it. In this situation, do this thing hastily. You may enter a default judgment if you fail to respond to the case before the specific deadline expires.

Another important thing you need to do is determine what is claimed injury, what the insurer believes about the case, expenses for medical treatment and lost wages, and whether the insurer makes any offers. 

The victim may have a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento to protect his rights and help him get fair compensation. If the victim hires a personal injury lawyer, he will have a strong case against you.  Your car insurer should also help you provide an attorney to defend you against the lawsuit. It’s wise to hire an experienced car accident lawyer that will work to protect your interest and your insurance company’s best interest. Contact a car accident attorney to understand your legal rights if you are sued after a car accident caused by you.   

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