What is 3PL?

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3PL Sydney allows you to outsource logistics, from warehousing to delivery, and ultimately allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

A variety of services are offered by a professional 3pl logistics company that deals with logistics. These include transportation, warehousing and picking and packing, inventory forecasting, order fulfillment and packaging, and freight forwarding. Are you unsure if your company needs a 3PL provider for its business? If in doubt, consult a pro-con checklist – we started one for you.

What are some of the benefits to using a 3PL provider for your business?

There are many benefits to using a 3PL provider. The best part is that you can concentrate on your business, such as product development and marketing, by outsourcing logistics. You will have more time and resources when you outsource 3PL. 3rd party ecommerce fulfillment services can help businesses streamline their operations and focus on their core competencies, such as product design and marketing, while leaving the order fulfillment and shipping to the experts. By partnering with a third-party ecommerce fulfillment service, businesses can benefit from their expertise and infrastructure, including warehouse management, inventory tracking, and shipping logistics. This can result in faster and more efficient order fulfillment and shipping, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Third-party ecommerce fulfillment services can also offer businesses cost savings and scalability, as they can negotiate better rates with shipping carriers and provide access to a network of warehouses and distribution centers, enabling businesses to reach customers faster and more efficiently, regardless of their location. These are just a few of the other benefits:

  • Cost reduction. 3PLs can negotiate with freight companies more effectively than individual shippers. 3PLs have the ability to negotiate prices based on order volume and frequency by working with multiple customers. A 3PL can manage your entire supply chain and allow you to invest in other areas that will help you grow and develop your company.
  • Scale up and down as required: Many businesses experience seasonal fluctuations in need all year. A 3PL will allow you to better manage peak and troughs without the need to invest capital.
  • Deliver a better customer experience Customers expect next-day and same-day shipping. Third-party logistics providers allow you to ship quickly no matter where your order is, because they have access to the 3PL’s vast distribution network.
  • You can test new markets with an international 3PL.
  • Reduce risk:Shipping delays are possible for many reasons. Unexpected circumstances can cause delays in shipping. A 3PL will make alternate arrangements to fulfill your orders as soon as possible. In the event of damage to or loss of goods, you’ll be covered.
  • You will gain instant knowledge and expertise in the field. A company that is a specialist in logistics can be a great choice, especially if you are just starting out. Shipping, fulfillment, and warehousing are all complex tasks. Having the logistics handled by experts can make a big difference to how you operate and allow you to concentrate on your customers.
  • International logistics can be complicated. 3PLs are able to handle documentation, customs duties, and any other issues at borders. This can cause delays and high costs. You can also save time by not having to deal with complicated rules for different countries.
  • Save money on warehousing. Companies that offer inventory forecasting will help you optimize your inventory levels, and reduce your inventory holding expenses.

What are some of the cons to using a 3PL provider for your business?

3PLs are not right for all businesses. These are some of the drawbacks that you should be aware of. These could have an impact on your business.

  • You have less control over the delivery process. Third-party shipping companies can cause delays and problems when shipping customer orders. Your 3PL will not be the one looking for resolution.
  • Higher upfront investment. While hiring a 3PL may pay off in the long-term, it can still be expensive in the beginning. A 3PL is not necessary if you don’t have a large warehouse or many orders.
  • You may be further from your product due to the 3PL you select. This could cause you inconvenience if quality control issues arise or if you need to inspect your stock.

Which 3PL company would be right for you?

It can be overwhelming to choose a provider due to the number of options available. You should also gather information about the actual cost of 3PL to your business.

These are some things to keep in mind when selecting your 3PL partner.

1. Forecasted and current volumes. You want a 3PL Melbourne that is able to handle your current volume and that will also be able to handle any future volume spikes, such as when you add stock or increase stock volumes. Choose a 3PL that is able to handle you

r business right away and then handle it later.

2. Referrals and performance of the business. Get a report about the company’s performance in the past few years from customers who have used the 3PL provider. Ask for references to find out about their on-time delivery rates and how they compensate businesses for any delays. Look at what customers have to say about them. Customer case studies and quotes can give you a good idea of how they have built and maintained customer relationships.

3. Technology compatible. You should choose a company with a similar technology and that can integrate with your stock control software if you use a cloud-based inventory system. 

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