What is a Virtual Call Center (Virtual Contact Center, VCC)?

Customer service and support are critical to any business seeking to retain its customers. It provides an effective means to retain and extract more value from customers through referrals, testimonials, and reviews. One way to execute and reap the benefits of well-structured customer service is by having an effective communication and feedback system. This will go a long way in promptly answering customer queries and resolving non-technical account issues where applicable. A great solution is to have a call center handle such and other pertinent issues. While a traditional call center can serve the purpose, your business will likely achieve more with a virtual-call-center/ Clarity Voice products

What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center (VCC), or a contact center, is a platform supported by software where call center employees conduct regular customer service tasks such as receiving phone calls, emails, social media requests, etc., remotely. Traditional call centers use outdated and inflexible hardware, which requires call agents to work on site. VCCs, on the other hand, use cloud software and allows agents to work remotely from anywhere without the physical limitations synonymous with traditional Inbound call center

Notable Benefits of Virtual Call Centers

A virtual call center solves many downsides associated with the traditional call center due to its remote approach. Some of the key benefits your business or organization stands to gain are outlined below; 

It can be Set Up Anywhere 

One of the most notable benefits of a VCC is the geographical adeptness of its infrastructure. It can be set up anywhere, meaning its employees can come from various geographical locations. Customer fulfillment and satisfaction can be achieved more easily with this arrangement than with the traditional setup where operations are limited to a particular location. This is an added advantage to businesses and organizations with operations across the globe. 

Easy to Manage 

Online call centers are pretty flexible, enabling businesses to dedicate less time to their management. This enables the business to channel more time to other critical operations affecting the business. Partnering with a competent virtual call center service provider makes the process even more seamless through their network architects, who help design and deploy the system. Most virtual call center providers also have a training mechanism to support your existing staff with the transition and train or recruit new skilled agents to match your customers’ expectations. Agents in various locations can be trained to provide top-notch customer service in the language your customers prefer. 

Highly Scalable and Adaptable 

A virtual call center is highly scalable and adaptable compared to the traditional call center design. Operations can quickly be scaled up or down to fit the prevailing seasonal changes affecting your business. You can ramp up agent operations to fit your needs at every location depending on your assessment and customer needs, whether you need 10 or 100 agents. 

Improves Overall Agent Efficiency 

Since the job involves flexibility and peace of mind, professional virtual call center agents can work remotely from their homes or offices. With this setup, the agents are not only more calm and happy at work than typical call center employees, but they also work more efficiently. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customers are often more satisfied when their questions are answered in a timely, knowledgeable, and calm manner. A virtual call center that understands this ensures that agents are assigned to deal with relevant questions based on their experience and mindset. The best agents are assigned specific questions (primarily those considered tough) whenever needed. 

Increased Security

Data security is unquestionably one of the most critical issues facing contact centers and other companies that rely heavily on databases. You risk losing crucial consumer and business information without a trustworthy security system. A virtual call center keeps your data secure through a cloud data backup, thanks to its impregnable security measures and protocols. The providers are in charge of maintaining and keeping track of security standards, thus offsetting associated maintenance costs on your part.   

Relatively Cheap 

The fundamental goal of any business is increasing its profit margins and reducing expenses while ensuring its operations are running optimally. A great strategy to achieve this is through outsourcing call center services to a reputable virtual call center service provider. A virtual call center is a fantastic way to make significant financial savings while providing your customers top-notch services. A virtual call center enables agents to work from home while collaborating online. This will significantly reduce or eliminate building rent, travel expenses, and more expenses. This money can be channeled to other profitable operations within the business. 

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