What Is Connected TV Advertising and Why Is It Beneficial?

Recent years have become the time for digital marketers. Different companies all over the world start to focus on digital tools and have increased budgets for digital campaigns. This shows the popularity of new types of marketing and their tools, which, in turn, means more requirements and developments in this area.

Therefore, marketers are constantly searching for new solutions and trying new channels for communication with their customers. One of the recent most popular marketing strategies is based on connected TV, its features, and its popularity. Let us see how the company can benefit from this type of advertising and what the main prospects in this area are.

How to get a new audience with CTV advertising?

In the modern world, at least 70% of households have already bought a smart TV and fully enjoy the novel era of television with Internet access. Moreover, all popular platforms join this technology and provide different solutions for their implementation.

Years have long gone by when only some families could afford to purchase smart TV, and this useful technology has conquered a lot of space in our daily life. No wonder advertisers start to search for solutions and implement them in this area. It appeared that advertising on connected TV can be more than a successful and highly efficient method.

For these and other reasons, smart advertising is becoming an interesting new channel, and this market is steadily growing in recent years.

Marketers can reach many new users and clients by going beyond traditional advertising channels and closed platforms. Due to the introduction of CTV, advertising companies enjoy the following advantages:

  • CTV is becoming a great alternative because it targets users who do not watch standard TV and delivers a measurable impact.
  • Unlike standard television, smart TV provides precise targeting to keep budgets efficient. All popular streaming services require user registration, which provides advertisers with a pool of their data to reach the most relevant audiences.
  • Another advantage of CTV is the ability to attribute conversions and measure results across the entire sales funnel.

Therefore, CTV advertising gives perfect access to a quality loyal audience. Here, the marketer can count on low advertising noise, high visibility together with high inspection rates, accurate targeting, deep analytics, flexible budget, and time settings for campaigns that are planned.

At last, clients usually do not or even cannot skip CTV advertising. Thus, its efficiency grows and reaches the highest possible level. That is the reality about which marketers have been dreaming for so long and that becomes a reality today.

Current CTV advertising aspect and its prospects 

Today, we observe the process of the development of a CTV as a unique communication channel. Nevertheless, brands and companies place advertising on CTV and rely on it. On the market, one can observe a steady migration of buying from standard types to this modern digital channel. 

Still, with the development and growth of the CTV area and advertising based on it, there are some barriers. The tasks for the near future that must be solved are the following:

  • Fragmentation and availability
  • New types of measurements
  • Improvement in standardization
  • Further development of a data market 

Furthermore, clients and companies expect tools that will make the purchase of inventories on CTV more efficient, including possibilities for targeting between the platforms and access to useful real-time data. If these issues will be overcome, the area of CTV advertising will gain even more popularity and will stay at the top according to the performance and results.

However, we should keep in mind that along with positive processes in the area of connected TV, the number of dark schemes is also continuously growing. That happens because fraudsters check where advertisers place their budgets and follow the money. If in past years, scammers were not so interested in this area, today, the level of CTV fraud is increasing by 150% per year.

Still, connected TV provides its clients with the perfect opportunity to watch whatever they wish whenever it is comfortable while paying an affordable price. Therefore, cost-efficiency for customers is more than satisfying. So, CTV advertising can count on a wide loyal audience that is easy to reach and then follow its needs and interests.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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