What Is Cryptojacking And How To Prevent It

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Cryptocurrency is snowballing, and the initial skeptics had come to accept it when the first digital currency, Bitcoin, was introduced. Many people spend this digital currency as a legal means to trade online and buy products. And like every other profitable business, it was not long before scam artists realized the crypto market was an avenue to rip people off.

 There are varying types of crypto scams, Cryptojacking as an example. But while other crypto scams are easily detectable, crypto-jacking is a sneaky one, and if you don’t know what you’re looking out for, you won’t know your account has been hacked into for a very long while.

What Is Cryptojacking, And How Does It Work?

Cryptojacking is also referred to as malicious crypto mining by several people. This cybercrime involves hackers getting into people’s devices (computers, cellphones, tablets, and even servers) and mining Bitcoin illegally. Unlike other cybercrimes, the owner of the account is usually unaware. Hackers generally assess the users’ system using a few code lines.

Detecting Cryptojacking is quite difficult, and except if you’re constantly on the watch for it, you won’t recognize the signs as a sign that you’re crypto jacked. You’re being cryptojacked comes with a decrease in performance resulting in slower computer response times, higher CPU usage, especially if you’re not doing much online, overheating computer equipment, and higher power costs.

Types Of Cryptojacking


 Hackers use the commonly used malware tricks, like sending a link or attachment in an email. Like malware, the device is infected once you click on the link or open the attachment. Once your device is infected, the Cryptojacker can start moving immediately, mining bitcoin unnoticeable at any time or day. Hackers have realized that people have gotten more intelligent to their whims, so sometimes they trick users into clicking links or opening attachments by pretending to be an official entity, such as a bank. They ask users to download an attachment masked as an invoice or bank statement.

Browser-based attack

Browser-based Cryptojacking is another method hackers gain access to one’s account through common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and others.

 Hackers incorporate a bit of JavaScript code onto a web page in the form of pop ads. Once you click on the ad and access the webpage, the code is immediately initiated and executes bitcoin mining on the particular device. 


Cryptojackers rarely use cloud Cryptojacking as it involves being in control of cloud resources to mine bitcoin.

Hackers that employ cloud Cryptojacking scour an organization’s cloud. Cryptojacking requires clearing files and code for API keys to access cloud services. This form of Cryptojacking mainly involves organizations.

How To Prevent Cryptojacking

Scan for malware & spyware regularly.

Regularly scanning your device about once a month for malware and spyware will allow for easy detection of Cryptojacking. There is software that helps accurately scan for this.

 Install an ad-blocking or anti-crypto mining extension

The most common method of sending Cryptojacking scripts is browser-based through online advertisements and pop-ups. Ad blockers will prevent this online advertisement from coming up, so there won’t even be a chance of clicking on them mistakenly.

 Learn about it

As long as you’re a crypto investor, Cryptojacking is one of the things you need to worry about. When you learn more about it, you’ll be able to reduce the chances of being cryptojacked.

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