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What is difference between In-App Chat and Website Chat?

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Customers neither have the patience to wait for 24 hours for a reply via email nor wait for long durations on calls with customer support. And rightfully so, as the world has moved on to the era of instant messaging.  

The chances of a customer never returning to do business with a company exponentially increases with every second taken by the company to respond to customer queries. This is why 79% of customers prefer a live chat option with businesses due to its faster response times. 

Businesses have started to design and install chat solutions in their websites and apps using messenger SDK. But what is the difference between in-app chat and website chat? Which medium is more beneficial to a customer and a business? Let’s find out!

In-App Chat 

In-App chat creates a conversational medium between the customer and your customer representative inside a software application. Through in-app chat, you can connect with your customers in real-time. 

In-app chat SDK makes it easy for your business developer to install a smooth communication stream in your business app.   

Benefits of an In-App Chat 

1. Increased accessibility  

Mobile apps increase accessibility by removing the necessity for customers to go to physical stores. In-app chat options further improve its accessibility by eliminating the need for customers to call customer support or go to your store for any product-related queries.  

2. Push Notifications  

A study found that 21% of live chat support queries are left unanswered. That is one in every five chats ignored by customer care teams.   

Chat app SDK helps businesses improve these figures by enabling push notifications in the app. Through this feature, you will always receive notifications of messages from customers, which will help you answer their queries in real-time.  

3. Cross-Platform Usability 

Creating and installing chat solutions in your mobile app is not restricted to any one type of operating system alone. With iOS chat SDK, Android SDK, and various other SDKs for different platforms, you can provide a streamlined communication system on all devices for all your customers.  

Website Chat 

Just like in-app chat, website chat allows customers to ask queries or get more information on products by interacting with your customer support right on your website.  

Web chat SDK helps you install chat widgets that can authenticate users, create conversations and groups, and get real-time updates with ease.  

Benefits of Website Chat 

1. Convenient  

Not every customer who wants to do business with you will be using your mobile app. Some customers also go through the website to explore your products and services. Installing a messaging medium in your website lets your web customers get in touch with you at any time without switching to the app.  

2. Enhanced Sales 

By answering customer queries and providing instant solutions on the website, you can convert potential web visitors into repeat buyers.  

Statistics show that 63% of customers are more likely to return to your website and do business with you if your website has a live chat feature. The same statistics also show that websites with chat support witness an increase in revenue by 19% and an increase in conversions by 38%.  

3. Reduced Operations Cost 

Installing a chat solution on your website is simple as well as cost-effective. Leading chat solution platforms even offer pre-built customizable messenger SDK and UI. Such chat solutions will help you reduce operations cost as it eliminates the necessity for customer call support teams.  

Apart from this, you can also integrate chatbots into these chat solutions to deliver rapid or instant messages for an enhanced customer experience.  

Which One Should You Choose for Your Business?  

Most of the benefits and advantages of in-app chat and website chat overlap with each other, as both are significantly important in the growth of a business. Choosing both of these options for your business is much better than opting for just one.  

Moreover, you do not have to get in touch with two different platforms to install a chat solution on your website and app. The best platforms provide web chat SDK and in-app chat SDK, making the installation process hassle-free for you and your developers.  


The benefits of in-app and website chat are vast. Installing a chat solution has already helped many businesses to grow by increasing their customer interactions and sales.  

If you are planning on getting a chat solution for your website and app, then building and customizing it with chat APIs and SDKs can give your business the boost it needs.  

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