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What Is Image Monitoring and How Can It Help You?

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Outdated scanners can be finicky machines. Old jokes about the office scanner always being broken arose from very real frustrations. In the current decade, though, there’s no excuse for a jammed scanner. Cutting-edge technology in up-to-date scanners includes a feature called Image Monitoring. This feature uses smart AI capabilities to keep an eye on batches of scanned documents and prevent issues. It can save hours of frustration each week in the office by stopping all kinds of scanner mishaps at the source.

Image Monitoring Basics

Some advanced scanner technology comes in the form of software programs that make managing scanned documents easier. A scansnap download comes free with many Fujitsu scanners and uses intuitive controls and menus to make keeping track of document files a breeze.

Image Monitoring, on the other hand, is a built-in and passive technology. An automatic program inside the scanner checks batches of scanned documents every second, with no input needed. Since the latest Fujitsu scanners can tackle 100-sheet batches at a rate of 70 pages per minute, hands-off Image Monitoring features are a must to prevent the occasional paper jam or scanning quality malfunction.

Preventing Paper Jams

The technology inside the scanner acts as a pair of eyes and ears, watching out for any sign of trouble. This can include a sign as small as a tiny audio crinkle of paper that didn’t load correctly. The scanner then stops the batch before the jam becomes a problem or risks damaging the scanner, itself.

Paper jams can arise from a variety of causes. These include:

  • Old or thin paper
  • Improper paper loading in the tray
  • Incorrect paper size
  • Paper that is stuck together
  • Folded corners, frayed edges, bends or other damage to the paper

However, with Image Monitoring, these common issues no longer pose a threat to productivity. Since the scanner stops and issues an alert at the first folded corner, these mistakes can’t escalate into a frustrating paper jam.

Maintaining Image Quality

Image Monitoring also analyzes the quality of scanned images in real time. Certain paper colors and textures can create odd image results on a scanner. Image Monitoring keeps an eye on the results of a batch and can even adjust image settings as necessary to create a clearer, higher-quality result.

Even if a physical flaw in a scanned document doesn’t cause a jam, it can impact image quality. A batch of scanned documents with a folded-over section can lose precious information. Image Monitoring features help make sure that each batch is picture-perfect.

Heavy Duty Design

Make sure your scanner is built to tackle the demanding tasks of a high-volume office. Every element of the software and hardware should be optimized for longevity. Sturdy paper trays, innovative feeding mechanisms, advanced hands-on software and hands-off features like Image Monitoring make a modern Fujitsu fi-7160 a capable and reliable part of any office.

Think of Image Monitoring as an extra set of eyes and ears on every batch of scanned documents. This technology babysits your office’s scanner so that you don’t have to, preventing any frustrating mistakes.

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