What is Kratom, And Why Do Lawmakers Want To Regulate It?

Kratom is a popular herbal product and belongs to the coffee family. Most commonly used in the United States. The big issue is DAE. does not regulate this drug; the FDA banned kratom in 2016. But after that, many consumers stood up and said kratom gives them life and causes no harm to them, but the FDA banned it because of some other addictive substance that the vendors mix. They said we want public safety, and we want to discriminate against the therapeutic use of kratom powder strains.

People who want relief from chronic pain and opioids use this substance and get relief. Kratom is derived from a tree-like plant called Mitragyna speciosa. It belongs to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more regions of Southeast Asia.

When a person ingests the kratom leaves in tea, capsule, pills, or other ways, it produces a dose-dependent stimulant and analgesic effects. 

Southeast people used these plant leaves to treat common health issues like diarrhea, hypertension, cough, and fever in the past. It also helps in mood enhancement, alleviates pain, and combats fatigue. People who want help with opioid dependency also use this kratom to get over it.

Several States And Major Cities have banned substances.

Kratom is widely available in many states, but it is still unregulated. This unregulated kratom powder causes multiple deaths, seizures, liver damage, withdrawal symptoms, and respiratory depression. For all these reasons, several states and cities have banned kratom. After all these FDA warn the companies to stop selling harmful and unapproved Kratom.

A few years ago, the federal government banned the substance, stimulant, and sedative properties. But now, kratom users and sellers are asking for its regulation.

In the United States, around 10-15 million people use kratom. People use kratom to reduce pain and anxiety and leave opioids and alcohol.

The FDA requested that people stop using kratom, but users’ views are different from users taking kratom as an alternative to opioids, despite the DEA concerns. The users are calling for a bill in the legislature of different states to regulate kratom.

Why Do Lawmakers Want To Regulate Kratom?

On Feb 20, 2019, the drug enforcement and policy center and the American kratom association organized a meeting to discuss kratom and its regulatory framework. In this, they discuss what kind of regulation should be applied to benefit the public.

Kratom is not regulated, so anyone can easily add any other effective substance to make it more effective. And that is why it creates lots of health issues. In this panel, the biggest question arises: when you start a herbal supplement, it requires weeks to get effective, but in the case of kratom, the effect can be seen within hours. So there is something included in it to make it harmful, and this is the main point. If we add this drug to regulation, no one can add any other additive or addictive substance.

It is the only way to make it safe for the public. And the second point is that its dose is not specific, and people take it as per their needs. It is also a concern area because an overdose of any substance may have harmful effects. So it is necessary to regulate the dose of kratom and make it a safe drug for the public.

The third point is to discuss the consistency and integrity of the product. That is also an area of concern.

Finally, the jury discusses that it is good to turn into kratom from harmful opiate addiction. But many barriers need to work on and make kratom a safe and regulated drug.

What would the bill do?

The bill provides the kratom consumer protection and guards against the false vendors who mix the other substances with kratom and sell it.

The bill would declare that the kratom is not a drug, and the state board of pharmacy will not list it as a controlled substance. and it would allow the department to 

  • Regulate and monitor the processing.
  • Make a licence that would be mandatory for the processors.
  • Set the standard for a specific consistency and kratom processing.
  • Inspect the place where kratom is processed, sold, and stored.
  • Take action against the violators.

Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Utah passed legislation supported by the AKA last year. It asked the kratom vendors to label the kratom accurately and tell the customer what is in the product.

What do sellers and users say?

The users said kratom helps them to wean themselves from opioids. And most of the customers take the kratom to get relief from chronic back pain or any other pain, and most of them said they never had any issue with kratom. Kratom helps many users to get back into life. But everything has a dosage. If you take a high dose, then it will create problems and opioid-like symptoms that may affect your health,

The seller said you do not buy from the one who buys it from a third party. Buy directly from the vendor who cultivates it.

The user wants kratom to be regulated by the government and not support the FDA’s ban.


The Kratom is available online easily, but you need to buy it from an authentic vendor. Who is following all the regulations? Because kratom’s high dose causes dependency and withdrawal symptoms, the low dose helps the user control chronic pain and anxiety and helps mood enhancement and depression. Lawmakers want to regulate it to save public life because it is impossible to stop the users from buying and using kratom. 

When the seller or vendor follows the mentioned regulations, it will be easy for the state and government to save their people.

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