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What Is Link Juice?

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Each web resource has a significant amount of material in a variety of formats. When the editors of a website need to refer to the source of the material, they frequently use hyperlinks. The greater the number of links connecting other online platforms with a web page, the higher it will be ranked on the search results pages.

So, what is link juice? It is a parameter similar to a citation index, yet it transfers ‘authority’ from one website to another through references. It is essential to have a solid understanding of how to improve this metric if you are the owner of a digital platform wishing to give a hefty boost to its ranking.

When the topic of link juice in SEO is involved, passions run high in the expert community because this ranking factor helps a webpage to climb up SERPs. As a consequence, the resource receives more attention from visitors, which usually lands better sales, conversions, monetization, and other dividends everybody likes. Moreover, the website’s total domain authority, which assesses the strength of its link profile and is also a significant ranking factor, can be improved with a high amount of link juice.

How Can a Website Gain Link Juice? 

How do you squeeze this magic juice? Create conditions encouraging other resources to mention your site and link to it naturally. These conditions are rather straightforward: your website has to shine with high-quality content and be simple to use. Search engines and regular users equally adore well-structured, easy-to-navigate online platforms stuffed with relevant and valuable information. 

The problem is, however, that it will be tricky to outperform existing leaders in most niches in today’s highly competitive online space. Link building is yet another method for improving the metric in question. This approach implies awaiting no gifts from chance but obtaining links through press releases, mentions in social media, participation in online forums, and guest blogging, for example, with the help of professional guest post services like https://prposting.com/. Using ethical link-building strategies is definitely a better choice than turning to link farms or other black-hat SEO methods.

The quality of backlinks is one of the crucial aspects to consider. For example, a reference from an authoritative website, such as those with .edu or .gov in their URLs, will convey more link juice than a host of mentions on a lower-level platform. 


Link juice is essential for search engine optimization, and it can help improve the visibility and authority of a webpage. Website owners aware of its significance can take steps to acquire more of it through both internal links and backlinks, but they should be picky about where to source truly useful references. 

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